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What are good examples of the "fish out of water" metaphor?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27512points) June 4th, 2011

You know it, when a person ends up in a situation, whether by choice or circumstance and he or she finds herself dealing with things way above his head or she sticks out like a sore thumb amongst people better suited for that kind of place. Could you come up with examples of this same situation that has happened in real, still happening? Feel free to come up with funny or thought provoking examples as well. Thanks!

Also, as a suggestion, please incorporate the words “fish out of water” in your answers. Or maybe another saying of the same nature?

For example – “Lady Gaga is a fish out of water if she tries to enter the Our Lady of Mercy convent to be a nun.”

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Me (or any other person with Autism/Aspergers) in every day life trying to interact with normal people is a good example of a fish out of water, though not one that would make for a good movie.

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Only138 out of Beer? ;)

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Bill Gates would look like a fish out of water trying to pay for his thrift store items with crisp $100 dollar bills.

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In an attempt to show spirit at an open door nautical themed costume party thrown by his local yatch club, Peter dressed up as a very decorated flounder. Unfortunately, when he arrived he found most of the yatch club members wearing various formal sailor, and skipper attire making him feel like a ‘fish out of water’.

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Arriving at a get together at a friends home in a cocktail dress and finding everyone there in very casual clothes, I felt like a fish out of water. I went home and changed my clothes so I could feel like a comfortable fish too.

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When my car broke down I felt like a fish out of water; unable to go anywhere and totally stranded.

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Once when I was young and single, I ran a lot and was pretty thin. I was invited to a pool party by a work colleague at a house whose resident knew a lot of the reserve 49ers football squad.

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