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How are people able to graffiti in freeway overpasses, signs and other hard to reach places?

Asked by chicklit (215points) June 4th, 2011

I have seen graffiti in places where it seems almost impossible to get to (backs of stoplights, freeway overpasses, etc). How do they reach these spots without getting caught?

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I’ve often wondered about this myself. Great question.

@noelleptc – But how did your cousin reach these spots without getting caught?

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@noelleptc – What happened after he got caught the second time? Again just a tongue lashing?

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Great question. Been asking every time I’m on trains or buses and see graffiti in hard to reach spots. Of course I know they had to climb but maybe I haven’t seen them actually doing it so I just keep asking rhetorical questions in my head. : )

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Do they have to paint the tags on overpasses upside down, or do they get over the side on some kind of sling or scaffold that lets them stand or sit upright?

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I’m assuming they most likely used the same rapelling skills that special forces use. It’s easy to put their paint cans inside a messenger bag slung crosswise over their shoulder.

Either that or use a cherry picker :)

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Can’t we channel all this energy and creativity in a better way? Owners, especially public owners, consenting to graffiti in designated areas?

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You might be interested in the implementation of this idea in Philadelphia. It was begun 25 years ago as the Anti-graffiti Network who hired Jane Golden, a muralist to head the program under the direction of then mayor, Wilson Goode.

It proved highly successful and the name was later changed to the Mural Arts Program.

Before a mural is painted a team consults with community leaders in the neighborhood where it will be done to reach a consensus about the theme.

Nowadays, there are even organized mural tours for interested visitors and Philly natives get to pass by beautiful art as they go about their daily business.

You can see some examples at the website but just the pics fail to give the full impact as some of these projects are huge. Really impressive.

During the 20 years I lived there, I always looked forward to going to a new area of the city as I knew there would be at least one or more new visual treats in store for me.

For anyone interested, there’s a podcast narrated by the original artists and others who tell the the stories behind many of the murals found on “Mural Mile” which passes through the downtown commercial areas of Philly.

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Great story @Buttonstc – I think all other cities should copy this approach!

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I do too. It really brightens things up. And many of them are beautiful pieces of art.

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