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Is there a good way to protect the corners of my glass on my table.

Asked by Flutherit (52points) June 4th, 2011

I just bought a table that has a protective glass top on it. While hauling it a chunk of glass chipped off of the corner. :( I was thinking of a good way to put a protective corner piece on all 4 corners while hiding the chipped part…any ideas?

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The only thing I can think of are the corner guards they sell for coffee tables to ease the bumps of toddlers if they hit the sharp corners.

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Something like this?

Or since it has to be something just put on top or that may also need to be “wrapped” in the corner, an unassuming and design correct transparent sticker just for the corners? That sounds silly I know. : )

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We put tennis balls cut in half on the corners of our furniture when there are toddlers around. My Mother In Law crocheted some small christmas ornament balls and stuffed them with foam to glue on the corners of her kitchen table.

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I’d be tempted to cut the corner smooth and either leave it like that, the odd corner. Or if it turned out good, do the opposite corner or all corners; depending how brave and creative I felt. I remember a question here that prompted a dicussion about a glass cutter. Someone said they’d found a tool and wanted to know what it was used for. It was a glass cutter. Cool.

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