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What question are you embarrassed to ask?

Asked by Mariah (25816points) June 4th, 2011

This seems like something that would have been asked already. I did a search and didn’t find anything, though. If I overlooked something, I apologize.

Do you have a burning question that you haven’t asked due to embarrassment? Maybe it’s something you think you really ought to know by now. Maybe it’s on an uncomfortable topic. Maybe it’s a little too personal? Let it out, and see if the collective can give you some answers hopefully with minimal teasing!

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Why am I always so horny?

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I’m not embarrassed to ask anything :-p

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How to program the TV remote. Someone’s trying to create a niche market by purposely making them non intuitive so you need to get tech service.

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Not really an embarrassing question, but I was thinking of an AOTY (album of the year) thread. Basically just asking “What (in your opinion, of course) do you think is the album of the year?”. The reason I haven’t asked/started is because A) I’m a lazy bastard and B) I don’t want to see a bunch of responses like “I don’t listen to new music!” or “hurr durr, new music sucks, where my beatles at” etc etc.

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I don’t think I’m embarassed to ask anything… I’m fairly open with things, even embarassing things.

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@queenie Probably because you’re a teenage girl. I’d even guess you aren’t moreso than other girls, but don’t know it because they don’t talk about it because for some reason it’s more taboo for girls than guys, which is stupid.

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I doubt that I would ask a question about our sex life. Not out of embarrassment, but more that it’s not anyone’s business but ours.

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I am not embarrassed to ask anything. I speak right outta my mind.

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Do you have a burning question that you haven’t asked due to embarrassment?


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@Michael_Huntington Do it. I’ll answer honestly, and I’m sure there will be some pretty okay answers, even if it does consist of the same new music.

I don’t like asking audio/technical questions as they usually just don’t get answers. They’re the one type of question where I usually find it easier to just go to Google.

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I don’t understand copy and paste and I don’t know how to link. I know they should both be easy and I should figure it out!

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@dverhey I’ll probably do it by the end of this year.

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There are some questions I don’t ask, but not because I am embarrassed by them. I am very open-minded and rarely get embarrassed. I don’t ask because they involve other people and I am concerned they could find fluther and recognise themselves in the question and that it is me asking. For instance, I am thinking of a specific friend and of her relationship and something I know that I wonder if I should bring up with her. I wouldn’t want them to read my question here, when I haven’t raised it with them in person. So it is more about causing pain to someone else, unintentionally. Hope that makes sense. I do realise the chance of them finding my question is remote, but Murphy’s Law and all that.

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Some question… There are some kind of questions that most people from this community won’t find it entertaining. Sometimes I would like to make a wild funny question but I’m afraid people will see my questions as degradation toward their reputation. I don’t like when people think they’re too educated to answer a simple/trivial question. Oh maybe I should make one…

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Why am I always so horny?

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@wundayatta Because you’re always under that damn sexy orange tree, that’s why.

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What is the cure for the Orange Tree?

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Did Mary Poppins have satisfactory orgasms or was she a faker?
Some things are better left “in the closet.”

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Why amd I always so horny?

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@Jude @wundayatta Oi! Stop leeching off of my Q!

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I am embarrassed to ask opinions of myself

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