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In the future, Do you think a Bleeding Effect is possible?

Asked by Axemusica (9467points) June 4th, 2011

I watched a movie I hadn’t seen in quite a while the other night. eXistenZ was the movie & it made me wonder. If there were to be games, programs, some form of “tapping into” simulations, would it leave people with a bleeding effect? If you’re not familiar with the movie you might be familiar with a game entitled Assassin’s Creed. Desmond (The main character) is in a machine that kind of takes over his senses to be put into the virtual place to learn about things from his families past. When he’s out of the machine he hallucinates & often sees things as if he were still in the machine.

Do you think if this were to ever come into the public, wouldn’t you think there would be tons of psychosis? Where majority of the public (those of which use this contraption) would have a hard time discerning life from fantasy?

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Please clarify, @Axemusica. I saw the movie some years back and remember it, but I don’t know what you mean by “bleeding effect.”

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A Bleeding Effect is when you’re through with the event or simulation and there’s a lingering effect on you. As if the event or simulation bled over into you, leaving a sense that you’re either still in the simulation or it’s come back with you.

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How is that different than having a tenuous grasp on reality?

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If we get to the point where we can manipulate the mind, there are a whole host of things to consider and questions to ponder. It would probably also be the case that there would be devices that could be inserted to change a person’s reasoning ability or emotional responses. The question would arise as to what it means to be human. If we could live in alternative worlds, many people might end up spending considerable amounts of time in them. Considering how much time people now spend on the Internet, imagine what the impact would be of completely immersing yourself in an alternate reality. It might get to the point where people would question the virtues of the real world.

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Well @syz, a bleeding effect is to say you had a rigorous grip on reality upon entering this ”alternative world” (as @LostInParadise stated) and then slightly more & more tenuous grasp as exposure becomes more apparent. In your terms I guess…

… & that’s my point @LostInParadise. In the movie (eXistenZ) they were playing a game inside a game inside that game. (Yea, yea, Inception, lol. I know) When the movie starts it fails to mention that they’re already in what appears to be the initial game. So every time they come out of a game (that’s already inside the game, if you’re still following..) it still feels like a game, because they were still inside of it. So, who’s to say that when upon leaving the initial entry point, they wouldn’t have that lingering feeling that they were still in the game?

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As someone who got sucked into the virtual world of Second LIfe, I will confess that it was difficult at times to separate reality from a world of fiction. One example is seeing someone pass by and thinking that they look like an avatar and not a real human. It took several months after leaving the site for those thoughts to go away.

So yes, if the majority of the world’s human population were to immerse themselves in a virtual world, then it is likely that a percentage would succumb to this. There are enough people who resist joining in, or those that come to their senses, that I’m pretty sure that we would be safe.

In a way, Fluther’s members could be another example. It would be interesting to know if the regular Jellies think of a question in their everyday life and then go into Fluther question-crafting mode.

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