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hotel near french laundry?

Asked by star*dar (54points) June 13th, 2007

going to the french laundry in july and need a nice, not-too-expensive place to stay close by. can be a hotel, inn, B&B;, etc.

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Try Indian Springs. I haven't stayed there, but we're going to in Oct. I've read a lot of good reviews. Also, check out

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Probably too expensive, but check out Lavender. They're about 2 blocks from FL (so you can walk home), and just a wonderful place to stay. I think it was $250/night when we stayed.

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If you're willing to stay a little ways away (40 minutes or so?) you might want to stay at Wilbur Hot Springs. It's an amazing little off-the-grid inn from the 1800s, with an incredible hotspring on the property. $180 will get you a nice cozy room and unlimited access for 2 people to the springs, sauna, and pool (keep in mind these areas are co-ed, and bathingsuit optional--i.e., nude...I found it completely tasteful and comfortable, no sexual vibe). Rooms book far in advance so call early.

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