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Where to download free games full like call of duty risk etc where you dont need a pass or loggin to use?

Asked by hertaru (39points) April 25th, 2008
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bit torrent. try sites like demonoid (u need an acc to download any torrents, but its a really great site if u can get an invite) or mininova or the pirate bay, fulldls, torrentspy, iso hunt, etc. (im not actually linking to any of them so i wont get in trouble, but goolge can be your best friend. if u still cant find them, i can send u them if u really need)

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you might even check gametap out. they offer a free service besides their monthly charged service. there are fewer games for the free service, but some of them are of decent quality if you are looking for something that isn’t too current.

that is one legal way if you werent looking into pirating.

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I second pirate bay

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just be careful what you download. Sometimes the torrents contain viruses, or other things you don’t want on your computer ( I use avg and it checks automatically) . Also, don’t get caught. Friend of mine got caught downloading windows… lucky bastard got away with a warning.
Also keep in mind if your downloading multiplayer games like cod your probably wont be able to play online.

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