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I need a program to make and host a website from my server.

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) June 4th, 2011

I am looking for a program that has the capabilities to make a website and host it online to put on my server. I want to have an actual address like I know the legal stuff, what software can I use on windows server 2008. I like google blogger, is there anything similar to that? I an mostly familiar with HTML. What do you recommend, paid/free

I would also like to be able to hook up file hosting and mail service (SMTP) that server 2008 has in IIS 6

I don’t want any ads or notes on the page saying that it was made by a certain program or whatever.

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Do you really want to use your own computer as a web server? Leave it on 24/7? Have internet visitors in your working computer? Be sure there is no downtime ever?

Easier to get a webhost. And cheaper.
Many hosts offer templates so you can make your own site.

As for and “actual address” or domain name, you purchase that by the year or several years, even decade from a registrar like Network Solutions, Go Daddy, or Tucows. When you are looking around for cheapest registrar, also look at hosting opportunities and how much support [templates, SEO] they have.

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I have an actual server XD An HP Proliant ML350 G3

I want to use it as the web server and just register the domain name.

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To do all you stated you will need more than one server.
Does your ISP plan allow you to host this?
The smtp service that comes with win2k8 is only a transport and not an email application to host mailboxes like exchange, etc.
If you want to play around with learning web hosting and creating page content, try Joomla. Its free and easy to manage.
Unix is a bit more robust and stable if you are thinking of hosting.

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Yeah, I want to have one of those “contact me” things on the website where they put their email and message, and it sends it to my gmail

I’m not sure about the ISP plan.

also, joomla is oly free for 30 days, I don’t have a job to pay for anything yet, and chances are I wont for a while, that’s why I want to host it myself

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This looks like it might just work. Can I have a layout like blogger does just with HTML? damn, its mostly file sharing:(

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I’m going to try hosting a web site made in publisher with apache, I have a tutorial that should work.

btw, does publisher do everything, or can you edit and add your own HTML into it?

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You’re extremely vague about what you want to do with your site, so it’s hard to make a recommendation.
You will need to register a domain name (costs money) or use a service like DynDNS.
For the rest, it sounds like you already have the necessary software (IIS). You just need to learn to use it.
If that’s not so then I recommend Drupal. Drupal is FOSS and is the easiest-to-use web framework I’ve tried. It needs an http-server and a database to work. Usually these are apache and MySQL.

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I basically want to make an that looks the same, but with more features

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Drupal can do blogs OK, but if all you want is a blog you might consider Wordpress.

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