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Have you ever really wanted a toy as an adult?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) June 4th, 2011

Not sex toys, not grown up toys like a new power drill… I mean something straight out of Toys R Us.
I have a couple of friends that are still fanatical about toys, even as adults, but I never really understood until today. I saw a set of toys at the toy store that instantly won my heart. I don’t want to buy them for my kids or someone else’s kids.. I want to buy them for me. Not to play with, just to collect for display – but it was still such a similar joy and excitement to seeing a toy that I wanted as a kid. First time that I ever recall this happening to me as an adult.

Have you ever had a toy catch your interest in a similar way, even as an adult? Maybe a set of legos or an action figure or a really cute stuffed animal? What was it for you? Do you collect some sort of toys?

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Im 13 and still play with dolls and stuffed animals, if that helps your question in any way.

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Yes. I want a string puppet. I saw a couple while I was away recently. An old man and an old woman and I really liked them. When I was a kid I had a string puppet called Mrs Mop. I was asked to give her to another child when I was a little older (that is another long story) and because I was a nice kid said yes, but I loved Mrs Mop. I think I want to replace her.

They are a few hundred dollars though and honestly, I need other things more than these two puppets. But I want them :-(

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I’m considering getting myself a Super Spirograph as a birthday present, but the ones from the year I was born are now worth up to $150 because they have a lot more shapes/pieces to draw with than the Spirograph of today.

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I have a friend who still buys lego @Michael_Huntington. She still builds things. You should just do it :D

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@aprilsimnel ooh, I used to have a spirograph and I loved it! You should indulge.

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The Crayola Crayon Maker.

Shit looks amazing.

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Oh my a crayon maker? How does that work?

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I want a really, really nice sliding board. I want it to go up, up, up and twist and spin right into the water!

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Here it is. It melts down your used crayons so you can create new ones! You can make multi-colored ones too!

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@KatetheGreat GENIUS.
@Bellatrix I’m only interested in the old school legos, though. I forgot the link, but I remember someone posted a link to a site of all the old school lego sets and where to buy them.

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I would like that too @KatetheGreat. Sounds like such fun!!

Go and get some @Michael_Huntington. I think regression is very underrated.

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I can still tear up some area with a Hoppity-Hop.

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Gracious yes! As an adult, I purchased an ant farm, sea monkeys;, and a Mood Ring…all things that I coveted as a child and never owned.

My SO begged me to buy a plastic duck egg that would eventually hatch when inserted in a glass of water. He hand his dad were on constant watch of its progression over a week while it was displayed on the fireplace mantel.

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You know, If I weren’t too big for one, I’d get a Sit-and-Spin.

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I’ve been flying kites lately. :)

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Some of the new Transformers, and a Super Soaker.

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Video games are considered as toys here so yes, I still want to play video games. I don’t play any materialized toys anymore, even when I was a kid.

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I believe that adults don’t play enough.
It can’t be healthy, not playing and being all serious all the time.

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This question just inspired me to play with my spoon, it’s now flying around the room in my hands while I make noises.

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All the time.

Hell, I REALLY wanted a toy today. I got my son a kids’ meal at Burger King, and they were recycling old toys – he got an Ensign Chekov from the new Star Trek movie. I begged them to find me a Spock. I was completely ready to buy another happy meal. No dice, they were all out. Sigh.

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I totally want to get a bunch of troll dolls and scalp them. Then fashion the scalps into a boba fett-esque accessory. Because I’m weird like that. Trolls beware.

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I’m sixteen and my favorite book is still “More Spaghetti, I say!”
And every time I go to Wal*mart I want to play with the little kid guitars.(:

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About a month ago, the nearest Toys R Us was having a sale and I made my older brother take me so I could scope out the aisles (I was specifically looking for Legos and board games. We left with a version of Trivial Pursuit – 30% off.) I still have many of the toys I played with as a kid and if it didn’t seem so strange to my parents, I would play with them.

My friends and I participate in the annual Chalk Festival. None of us are artists – we just like colouring on the sidewalk. We also swap colouring books now and then.

I am turning 22 in July.

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I had no idea you were that young, @muppetish !!

I thought I was on the young side for Fraggle Rock, and I’ve got you beat by more than three years. ^_^

Fear not – you’re in good company, and welcome to my game night any time!

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Fuck yeah. I still play pokemon.

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I used to have a bug making set called Creepy Crawlers. I forget the company that made it but it had different colors of plasti-goop that when cooked in bug shaped molds would turn into rubber creatures. I used the heck out that thing. It would be cool to get a hold of one again. Nowadays the govt would probably call them unfit to market because of the little hotplate.

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Jarts…I mean the illegal full-on metal spike Jarts. Damn things are expensive now!!

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Jarts yes! I forgot about those.


Um yes. When I was at the toy department at Wal-Mart with my two little ones, I spotted “Silly Putty” and wanted it. I used to love it as a kid, especially pressing it against comic books and stretching characters’ faces and stuff.

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Yes. I saw, had to have, and bought an 8 inch stuffed toy hedge hog wearing a Santa cap. . My grown daughter was with me and was much bemused. I still get a kick out of it

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@muppetish I can still enjoy a coloring book, but on much more sophisticated level than I did as a child. You can play with shading, combining colors, textures, line patterns . . . doesn’t that sound sophisticated? All right, I don’t care what you think! I’ll do it anyway!

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Sure. Legos, an awesome train set (although I wouldn’t know where to put it) or race car track set. I also like electronic toys, like model planes. But my secret love is teddy bears. Big, soft and squishy. It was always my comfort toy.

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I was driving to the liquor store the other day when I spotted a Green Machine in a yard. I sooo wanted to hop on that thing for a ride.

@Neizvestnaya Do they make adult size Hoppity Hops? I’m afraid I’d break my daughter’s. Those are so fun!

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I am 66 and I love my Razor scooter, I ride it a lot. I also have roller blades. @jerv said Super Soaker, always have to have one of those handy. I have a set of stick and ball shaped magnets, you can make the most amazing structures. I love most all toys and gadgets, including the grown up ones.

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@woodcutter Mom still probably has our Creepy Crawler kit on a closet shelf. If you want one, there are some for sale on eBay.

@Neizvestnaya and @jonsblond Indeed, there are adult-sized Hippity Hops.(hurricane-pink).html Wouldn’t it be fun to purchase a pair and have races with the SOs?

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@jerv I want the new Super Soaker with the cartridges. What a brilliant idea to not have to run back to the hose every time you run out of water.

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Oh, only all the time! Another benefit of having kids is that you can play with their toys, pretending you’re doing it for their sake, but all the while wanting them to yourself. I love RC cars & laser challenge guns & Nerf & Hot Wheels & toy soldiers &........ahem, ya see worra mean like? :¬)

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@jonsblond: It’s been a few years since I last checked but there should still be the solid color, unfancy adult sized one. When I a kid then Hoppity-Hop was for “The Family”, you’d see commercials of a family of four bouncing around their nice grass lawn. Now that you mention, I’m going to Google!

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@Neizvestnaya & @Pied_Pfeffer I may need to buy a couple. It does look fun, and what great exercise that would be!

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Hell yes! I still cruise the toy aisles from time to time. I still have a shit ton of my toys from when I was young. :)

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I would totally play with Fashion Plates again if someone would give me some. But my favorite, and I keep thinking about buying it for myself again is The Science Kit from Radio Shack. Man, I could spend hours looking at schematics and connecting red or blue wires to springs so I could create a really inferior am radio or really weak flashlight! I made it!

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Hahaha! I just saw the small-print caveats for Hoppity-Hop:

IMPORTANT: After receiving your box DO NOT OPEN WITH A KNIFE
Seller assumes no liability for injury or replacement due to over-inflation.

DO NOT TAUNT Hoppity-Hop.

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@aprilsimnel: I’m on a Google hunt right now to find the largest hops I can and order them in so we can all take advantage of my in-law’s gorgeous pampered greenbelts around the lake. Yeah!

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@aprilsimnel I’d be willing to bet that there is a legal case behind every one of those ‘what should be obvious’ guidelines. :)

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@Pied_Pfeffer – Oh, I’m sure. I just wanted to make a cheap “Happy Fun Ball” joke.

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was gonna say… wasn’t @aprilsimnel just saying what you wouldn’t want to do with balls?
I laughed.

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Plenty. I still love Play-doh and I really want a troll!

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