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How can I fix my sagging automobile ceiling upholstery?

Asked by Cienega (5points) April 25th, 2008

I am the proud owner of a 1997 XJ6L Jaguar. A regular creampuff. But for the ceiling upholstery, which is beginning to detach from its moorings, and is sagging in the vicinity of the rear window. Is there a cheap, practical way of re-attaching the upholstery to the ceiling above, without suffering unsightly glue stains, etc? Or, do I have to re-upholster the entire ceiling (ugh).

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My best friend’s mom took a hammer and nail to that situation…Try it out.

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staple gun? Or I guess you could get some decorative tac’s at a craft store (try the scrapbooking section) but im sure there are lots of things in craft stores that would work.

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These are desperate measures not to be applied to a l997 Jag. Go to a car upholstery
place and just get them to REGLUE it, not REPLACE it.

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