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Does anyone have experience with Direct TV service?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) June 4th, 2011 from iPhone

Advantages? Disadvantages?

If you previously had either Comcast of ATT Uverse I’d find that especially interesting.

If you also used the DVR supplied by them, I really would like to know how the sharing feature with other TVs in the house works.

On ATT, all the programs recorded on one are visible and controllable from any other TVs in the system. This created a nightmare scenario when being shared by several people.

On Comcast, each DVR was truly separate. They sucked as a company and their customer service was horrible. But the DVR service was great.

Direct TV says that on their system each DVR is separate from any other and not accessible. But I keep seeing commercials advertising that you can pause a program in one room and continue watching in another. That doesn’t make any logical sense to me.

Any real life feedback you could give would be really appreciated.

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I really love Directv! I don’t know why it’s just I’m used to it and it has all of the channels. And there aren’t really disadvantages for me. It’s just that for example, if there was a storm, the HD channels wouldn’t work. And the non-HD ones would just have that occasional “Looking for signal” bar.

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We had Comcast for 10 years until we moved recently. I know what you mean about the customer service. ugh

We use Direct TV now. Only the tv in the living room will record shows on the DVR and allow us to pause programming. We have service in all 3 bedrooms, but we can’t record shows or pause anything in those rooms.

We’re pretty happy with Direct TV. Service has cut out on us two or three times during a storm the past year, but that was only for a few minutes each time. We also enjoy having NFL Sunday ticket. As far as I know, they are the only provider of that service.

I’m also happy with their automated service for paying pills. It gives you an option for an extension on your bill payment if you need it, without having to beg a real person.

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I have DirectTV and have had very good experience with their customer service department being very responsive. It is also cheaper.

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Is there an 800 number for their customer service DEPT. ?

We can’t find it on any of their literature. We just got installed today and the remote was working just fine immediately after setup.

Now it won’t change channels or bring up menus etc. The only thing I’m able to do with it is adjust the volume. That’s it :(

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@Buttonstc Try this #800–531-5000

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Thanks I’ll call and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

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