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IOS 4.3.x is it the reason my battery dies soo quickly ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) June 5th, 2011

There is two iOS devices both are the iPhone 3GS , both are on the same firmware .
Ever since updating to 4.3.x our battery drains too fast, my phone was on standby most of yesterday . It’s battery went from 80% to dead in a few hours .
Screen brightness is low , 3G and data is off I mainly read emails and twitter a little . ..
I do the exact same things if not a little less now , compared to when I was on iOS4.2.1 .
4.2.1 seems to be the best iOS firmware for battery life , wish I could go back to it…
Why would Apple make such a change from one Firmware to another .
Now our phones have to get charged every day .

Is anyone else having the same issue with 4.3.x ?
What is recommended ??

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First off, you can’t read e-mail or Twitter with your data off. Just had to get that off my chest!

The truth is that iOS 4.3 is buggy and you are not the only one who is affected

Some people say that the newer versions are fixed while others report no change with the bug-fixed 4.3.1

The only fixes I’ve seen were here , and I cannot vouch for them as it seems to be a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) scenario.

BTW, smartphones in general tend to be rather power-hungry, and only the very lightest of users generally manage to get more than a day out of a battery regardless of which device they use. If you ever managed to get through two days on a single charge then you should consider yourself lucky. While a sudden change in battery life is cause for concern, the truth is that having to recharge every day is normal for most. Hell, depending on how active I am, I can drain the battery 2–3 times in a single day, and the best I’ve managed is 100% to 40% after 18 hours!

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@jerv is right, turn off stuff you don’t need, lower the brightness etc. Smartphones, especially iPhones are very power hungry. It“s the same with my 4th gen ipod, when I am actuvely browsing the internet or playing games the battery drains pretty quickly.

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Basic, but solid advice from David Pogue of the NY Times on how to prolong your iPhone battery life.

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@XOIIO I can’t see where @jerv said turn thins off…
@jerv My data ip is off I use WIFI

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@sandystrachan Wifi sucks batteries down pretty quickly just having it on but not actually using it knocks hours off of the battery life. Actually using your wifi (like loading pages our sending tweets) can kill your battery in under six hours, especially if you also have your GPS on, and/or you have data being pushed to you (like tweets and emails). OS 4.3 is horrible on that last one.

You probably have to dig a bit since, unlike Android, Apple doesn’t put that stuff where you can get at it easily. (I have widgets right on my home screen for most of them.)

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@sandystrachan There should be an “and” right near the start there.

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@jerv Nah I dont use GPS and emails dont get pushed , I manually sync .
With 4.2.1 I used to get about 4 days – a week . if not longer .
That was having things pushed , and playing games / using lots of apps .
( PM what widgets you have please )

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@sandystrachan Too many to list, but Elixir is the handiest, and can do so much more than the built-in Power Control widget.

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