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[ Christians ] How many times per day do you pray ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 5th, 2011

First thing .. I’m not interested in any responses which are not related to the question.
Second thing .. I’m not interested in responses from non-Christians because most of them will mock the question.

I ask this because I’m curious how much / how long / how often the few Christians [ using Fluther ] pray.

[ and with this we might interact ^^ ]

So please .. if you do not agree / accept Christians beliefs [ I’m not talking about people who embrace teachings of Islam / Hindu / Buddhists etc ] do not bother to reply.

All atheists are welcome to reply if they feel like the reply is on topic and if you do not offense others with your replies .. I’m not trying to make a separation here but I’m sorta sick of topics where everyone who does not agree with your beliefs becomes a subject of mockery.

With all these being said… how many times per day / how long / how often do you pray ?

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I use short prayer and I pray most of the day… [ when my mind does not fly somewhere else ]

When I watch a movie or a talk to someone I become distracted so I forget to pray ^^

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This is in Social and your rules are ridiculous.

How do quantify the proper amount of prayer? What do you pray for? What if everything is great? Do you still ask for money to fill the time requirement?

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I don’t keep track, but probably not as much as I should :)

I think @johnpowell‘s questions are interesting. I’ll preface my answers by saying that I think the purpose of prayer is to build a relationship with God (John 17:3) and other things are secondary.

How do you quantify the proper amount of prayer?
The same way you’d gauge how much communication you need to have with a spouse, parent, or a good friend to keep your relationship solid.

What do you pray for?
What would you talk to a friend about? Perhaps the things in your life you are concerned about, advice, other people, etc.

What if everything is great?
Perhaps you could be thankful that things are going well or ask what you could do for other people who are currently struggling

Do you still ask for money to fill the time requirement?
You can ask for anything you’d like, but the answer might be no. I don’t think of God as a magical, Santa Claus figure.

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I hope that my life is a conversation with God. I’m not real good at setting aside “an hour to pray,” because I don’t think that is what people in a relationship do. Yes, there are some times, I guess like a “date night” that I am sole committed to doing nothing but intently listening to his word, but for the most part, I feel like I try to live my life as a prayer, constantly seeking his will and his way. Of course there are times that I get rebellious and ignore his will, but I try.
I don’t know if that is the answer you were seeking. I heard an acronym once for people who were having a hard time praying. it was A.C.T.S.
Acclimation- Praise God. Give him credit.Acknowledge his holiness.
Confession- Confess where you have fallen short
Thanksgiving- Tell him what you’re thankful for.
Supplication- Bring your concerns and requests to God.

It’s not a magic formula, just a starting place when you don’t know where to begin.

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I pray when I feel so inclined. I don’t keep track of how many times a day/week I pray nor do I have a “prayer quota,” if you will. I personally don’t believe that the number of times you pray, and the length of each prayer, should validate your commitment to your faith.

Even with that being said, there have been many times when I could be sitting around watching TV and during a commercial break I randomly think to myself: “I haven’t said a prayer in a long time.” I would then take the time out to do so.

My prayers usually consist of me thanking God for his many blessings, seen and unseen; that he continues to watch and protect myself, my family and friends; I pray for guidance; and whatever else is in my heart :)

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How did you decide that Christians were the only theists worth hearing from in this thread? Why are you allowing atheists to reply? Do Judaism and all the other faiths you mentioned not count? Also, why include other religions and holy texts and prophets in your topics if you are not the least bit interested in hearing from anyone who has read those texts?

Since you didn’t list the Bahá’í as one whose adherents were not allowed to answer, I will take a minute and answer your question. I pray an obligatory prayer once daily, read the writings of our Faith in the morning and before bed at night. Like @Judi I tend to have an ongoing conversation with God.

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Before each meal.

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@Hibernate “I’m not interested in responses from non-christians because most of them will mock the question.” That is offensive to and completely ignorant of people of all sorts of faith who take prayer seriously. Any particular reason you think Christians are special about their praying?
If you really wanted a discussion among Christians you could have asked that without being rude to other faithful persons.

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When I wake up, and before I go to sleep. For about a minute or two each instance. I pray to say thank you for the things I have, and to ask God to help those who need his help most…

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I used to pray more when I was younger but not as much as I should these days, but I keep God on my mind most of the time and try to follow his guidance every step of my way.

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@dabbler take a look at the answers and try to understand why I asked that way. Look @johnpowell ” How do quantify the proper amount of prayer? What do you pray for? What if everything is great? Do you still ask for money to fill the time requirement?” Any believer knows he does not need a reason to pray. Or @josie ‘s Not Available answer.
It’s not about being rude it’s about having to read a lot of off topic responses or hear opinions outside the question.
If one doesn’t have a higher power i doubt he’ll pray just for the sake of mumbling words .. by the way what does he say in that prayer.
Now are you with me ? If not then sorry.

@SuperMouse I listed only the major ones .. like you stated there are a lot of other religions. Sorry if you felt offended.

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Since I want to be honest when I pray. I do not pray often.

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It varies, of course .No set amount.

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I say a Hail Mary prior to bedtime and usually a couple of times per day. I find that each day I have different prayer needs. I try to have as open of communication with God and relatives in heaven as I can. I remember my grandparents at least once daily with a certain time on the clock.

I attempt to not get “stuck” in quantifying how much praying I do/don’t do. I didn’t choose to be a nun, so I know I’m not praying as much as I could if I had dedicated my life to Jesus.

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I forgot about singing. The Bible says, “He who sings pray’s twice,” so I guess I sped a good part of my day in prayer :-)

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Thanks for replies ^^

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Are you talking about gospel songs….Or in general. Either way, to me singing is praying. So I guess, Count me in.

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I think prayer is mostly an attitude of the heart. Try to be as thankful in your heart for the experience of life as you can and that’s a huge part of the journey. It is a heart communion more than anything!

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