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Can you tell us what is music for you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 5th, 2011

What does music mean for you ?
What do you see / feel when you listen to music ?
Can you touch the music in your mind ?
Do you enjoy singing ?
Do you feel something while you sing ?

Discuss and try not to flame each other.

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A trigger for feel-good chemicals flooding my head.

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For me, this weekend, music has been this Up above my small English town of Ulverston, this wind-powered music installation has been up since friday, and it’s incredible.

Sometimes music is a job for me, mostly it’s a privilage… sometimes it’s the bane of my life (listening to a child busker playing her saxaphone with such technical skill, but so little feeling)...

Sometimes music sets me off crying, sometimes it sends shivers down my spine, sometimes it disappears into the background and I miss it altogether…

I love to sing, I love to harmonise with others singing – singing can release pent up stress and anxiety within me, heck it can sometimes release the same in others.

I keep my mind open to all kinds of music – for me, music is only “bad” when it is performed badly, not the music itself. (I was once married to a fella who frequently said music was bad, and would walk out of venues to get away from it. It was such an intolerent attitude. One small part of why he is part of my past.)

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Music is the heart beat of my life and will be in the background 24/7 no matter what I am doing. Music puts me in the mood to better enjoy the moment. From Rock, Blues, to ballads and classical, I love it all.

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Music to be is pretty much every I could say. I listen to it 24/7… even when I am sleeping.
One strange thing about me when listening to music. Most of the times I never try to listen to it because its related to my feelings on anything, i never try and figer out the meaning behind songs. I just listen to them :)
It basically helps me get through my day.

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A day wouldn’t be complete without music. I sort of see music but in a subliminal way that I am almost unaware of. If I concentrate the music sometimes appears as shapes and colours in my mind. The best music has a very subtle emotional content that it would be impossible to explain in words. It is enjoyable but I don’t know why.

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I have music in my head all the time. I just have to listen to hear what it is. Right now it’s music for the choral concert I’m singing this afternoon: Brahms, Dvorak, Bruckner and Rachmoninov. Lest this seem heavy, our concert in March was all British: from Britten and Vaughn Williams to the Beatles and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. That was great fun!

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The most physical experience, thatI experienced with music, was singing Mahler’s eighth with full orchestra, 3 choruses, and excellent soloists in a symphony hall. At the end, I felt I was physically lifted up and slowly turned around in the air. Sublime!

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I love music! For the most part, I’m a Punk, and love the music…..but I still like Ozzy, Megadeth, BLS, etc. My ipod has almost 11,000 songs of all varieties though.

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Music is an art based in sound waves that provides inspiration, explanation and a safe haven in a medium that can be transformed to fit any taste and make any statement.

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It’s the stuff on my iPod.

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Music is what makes the world go ‘round.

The words we may not understand in a foreign language, but the melody is always the same.

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Music is therapy, fun, joy, comfort, feeling. It’s a need of mine. When I listen to music I feel my heart swell with emotion, makes me feel alive. I can make melodies in my head and sometimes it actually feels like I am listening to music then.
I love singing along to music or just singing to myself without it as well. Singing helps me to feel more light and is a way of expressing myself, a bit like dancing. I don’t think I could live without either one of these things.

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What does music mean for you? Music to me is full on expression. Enjoying yourself through every emotion the melody sways you. Music is the wind upon the backs of the mountains sweeping across vast plains to the rhythm of the mighty metronome that is time it’s self.

What do you see / feel when you listen to music? Pure unadulterated energy. It’s up to the musician(s) to sway you between negative & positive spikes.

Can you touch the music in your mind? I do everyday.

Do you enjoy singing? Indeed.

Do you feel something while you sing? Sometimes. I feel more when my guitars in my hands though.

Can you tell us what is music for you? Music is my everything. Without music, life would be very unhappy and miserable for me. Without music I’d wither up and die.

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What does music mean for you ?

A catalyst for when I need an adrenaline rush for a match, race, etc.

A catalyst for when I want to calm down, relax, have some piece of mind.

An invisible wall that helps me separate myself from the world when I need to.

An invisible wall that shuts down once sense to focus the others.

What do you see / feel when you listen to music ?

Peace, sadness, desperation, fun, anger, joy, ready to take on anything, isolation, integration

Can you touch the music in your mind ?


Do you enjoy singing ?

I hate the sound of my own voice attempting to sing, but when I want to irritate others, well >;)

Do you feel something while you sing ?

Depends, irritated or mischievous

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Connecting to a creative, fun side of one’s being, unencumbered by political correctness, daily game-playing, and roles. When you listen to “your’ music it is a personal sense of space and time and joy or sorrow.

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I used to play music all the time. But I realized that once I get into something, I just ignore it like it isn’t playing. So now, music is a poetic escape for me or an emphatic plot device. I’ll listen to it when I’m too lazy to read poems myself or just feel like listening to the splendor that is music. Or I’ll add it to some other art to enhance them both in a way that I wish would be oh-so-Kubrick.

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When i sing, i try to put feelings, and emotions in the song. To make the words connect, and relate to someone who is listening. To make your mind wander for just a moment, and take you away from your troubles. To flow like water.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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