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What should I expect when joining a collegiate a capella group?

Asked by Mariah (25876points) June 5th, 2011

I’m considering auditioning for an a capella group in college next year. I know you can’t tell me what my specific college’s groups will be like, but I’m wondering if anyone knows much about collegiate a capella groups in general. How “formal” are they? Do you generally need to have professional vocal training to be accepted? What skills do I need (other than the obvious decent singing) and what can I do now to prepare? What can I expect the audition to be like? Aside from these specific questions, general information on what it’s like is welcome too.

I don’t know how much these things vary from college to college, so I apologize if these aren’t questions that anyone can answer.

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(1) first round will be very informal. pretty much a cattle call.
(2) have a prepared song. a capella of course.
(3) callbacks will be informal, but will involve meals, getting to know you sessions, socialization, and songs that you will have to sing both in your part in group, and as a solo.

The groups are like sororities. Be concerned about performing well, but more concerned about figuring out if you’re going to want to hang out with these people all the time. Because you will.

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I’m afraid I don’t know any of the answers to the questions you asked, but I just looooooove acapella singing groups. It sounds like it could be so much fun!

Are you familiar with the British boy’s choir called Libera? If not, you should check them out. This song called Going Home is really amazing. Their album, called Angel Voices, is just about my favorite CD of all time.

I think @mattbrowne is in, or leads, an acapella choir group. You should PM him : )

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You don’t have to have a solo voice necessarily. You have to be able to stay on key. You need to have some music reading skill. You would want to appear confident and sing your best.
Prepare a song you enjoy singing. Don’t do the scooping up to notes that is common with pop singers. A simple, true voice is preferred to one that stylizes everything. A Capella is hard, but very rewarding and fun work.

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Do a little research and see what the group’s performance schedule was like in the past and then figure out if it will work with your school schedule. I would imagine that it would be like any other theatrical/performance organization—a pretty tight group, with a few drama queens in it (not always female), but lots of fun!

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Be personable, quirky, and pick a nice song. Always have a smile on your face. I never let anyone who didn’t smile join my group. If you need help picking a song, come to me.

I was in an a capella group and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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