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How often should I water my hanging plants? These are plant's that like the sun.

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) June 5th, 2011

These are hanging plant’s that are in the sun most of the day.

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What type of plants? What region do you live in? How much rainfall do you get? Does the container have drainage? Are they under any sort of roof?

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I live in ky, we usually dont get a lot of rain in june or july, no roof, and no drainage in the pot. thanks

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Check the soil with your fingertips. Check the watering requirements of the plants with Google.

You can feel when soil is wet, moist, damp, barely damp, dry or desiccated.

In general the rule is to water generously, until a little drips out the drainage hole (which your plants should have) and then leave them alone. A heavy watering every three or four days is better than a sprinkle daily.

All plants need drainage or their roots will rot. You might want to repot and use a little layer of small stones at the bottom of the pot before you add soil and the plant.

(And please ditch the apostrophe. Plural of plants is plants.)

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I’m in Cincinnati and I water every other day when the weather is hot. Otherwise, twice a week.

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Add a bit of water each day .. after 2–3 weeks check their overall health. If they grow normally there’s your answer if they don’t grow as they should add water every 2 days or 3 days.

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Hanging plants tend to dry out quicker than plants in pots on the ground or plants planted in soil.

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