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What type of apple stays crunchy the longest?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) June 5th, 2011 from iPhone

We like apples and ususlly eat one or two a day. To avoid daily trips to the store we like to buy a bunch of them but by the time we get around to eating them they have lost their crunch. What type of apple stays crunchy the longest?

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Hard-frozen ones.

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Red Delicious, Gala, Honey Crisp, or the really sour Green apples.

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Cortlands or granny smith

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Nothing worse than a disappointing apple. The hard frozen are crisp but lack flavor. If you like sweeter, Gala and Pink Lady varieties are good, for tart; Granny Smith and Macintosh.

If you’ve ever eaten an apple you picked off a tree, any one in the store is going to be a ghost apple.

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Granny Smiths; just make sure to peel off the skin coated with wax.

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Fujis, if you can find them…I’ve had these in my refrigerator for three months, and they’re still as good as the day I bought them…

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Granny smith, gala

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Honey Crisp is the best apple ever! But you can only get them for a few months late fall through early winter. I think the Gala have been pretty good this year. Granny Smith are reliable for crisp, but of course they are very tart. Meanwhile, it isn’t apple season, best to switch to watermelon, canteloupe, nectarines and plums for the next few month.

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Braeburns are really delicious and they stay crisp for a pretty long time. Golden delicous are probably the least crispy from the get go.

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I believe Pazazz apples are picked in November. On January 21 I bought two, and couldn’t believe how crispy and delicious they were. It is my new favorite apple, daughter of Honeycrisp and an unknown variety, which I believe to be GoldRush because they stay good in refrigerator until summer! Of course, they cannot be found anywhere now, as they don’t grow enough of them. You have to apply to be a grower. OMG! So we’re deprived of the crispiest, most delicious apple of all time because they are control freaks wanting to make a killing on scarce apples. Their website offers an app to tell your friends when you find them. #%$^&@#$(&$##%!!!

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Pazazz are good.

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