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Original ideas for romantic things to do as a couple? Help please!

Asked by rclaireh (52points) June 5th, 2011

Bare in mind this is quite a new relationship, we’ve been seeing eachother since march but only been a official couple since a couple of weeks ago.
Although it may seem a bit abrupt as we havent been seeing eachother for years of anything I can genuinely say that I haven’t cared so much about a relationship before, so I really would love to actually make a effort to make it work. Thing is we’ve hardly been out properly just us two as we’re students so money is a problem. The other day he talked about doing something nice and he suggested watching the sunset together, which we will probably do soon, and we’ve already fed the ducks and walked in parks and what not. But recently we’ve spent most of the time stuck in the uni accomadation. The other day he asked me what was something that I had always wanted to do… And I literally couldn’t answer! I really tried hard to think of something and to be honest I think it’s something everyone should be able to answer but for some reason I couldn’t.
Anyway he’s away on a film shoot for another week and a half so when he get’s back I really would love to have a few ideas at the ready – that way we can hopefully learn more about each other and have fun experiences to share, instead of us just being stuck in the uni accomadation. The only thing I’ve thought of is having a long walk on a beach at midnight.
I’ll admit I feel ridiculous asking but please can I have some help with some ideas? If possible can they be quite original, as in not going to the cinema or going out for dinner. And money-free or at least cheap :) thanks x

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Cooking together, watch the sun rise, star gazing, tickle fight, bath together, make a bike ride through some rural area.

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For someone who is bereft of all ideas, you seem overly selective in requesting “original” ideas. I’m not sure there are any more ‘original’ romantic ideas, unless you start to consider ideas that are simply so outré and/or dangerous that rational people avoid them.

But walking in the rain is nice with a lover. Watching a rain storm from a dry, semi-secluded place, like a gazebo in a park, is also very pleasant.

Rowing a boat in a park can be pretty cheap.

Bowling is fun. (Think about that. You get to watch him from behind, and he gets to watch you. Alternately, for ten frames. It’s a lot of fun.)

Feed each other. Do it with blindfolds.

Massage each other. Very hot.

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Pack a nice dinner that you can bring to the beach, a blanket, if your beach allows a bottle of wine, two plastic glassess, then head to the beach and enjoy the sunset at the beach and enjoy dinner and the sunset together with the wine together. very cheap and enjoyable….. you can dress in comfortable but nice clothes that you dont mind walking along the edge of the water barefoot getting a little wet after dinner enjoying the night and each other.

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Usually, original ideas are so original because they’re both spontaneous and something specific to the couple. I had one girlfriend who got me a squash once, and it was really romantic because I had been searching for this type of squash for quite some time, so when she saw it at a store and picked it up for me, it was one of those “aww, you listen and care” moments – but I don’t really think it would work for other couples. For more planned things, there’s a reason most aren’t original.

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by original i simply meant not the classic go out for dinner or trip to cinema. i know you’re meant to think of these things yourself but i really am struggling, i’m always so rubbish with this sort of thing.

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Do you know what he has on his Bucket List? If not, it might be worthwhile to find out.

Track down someone who has a video camera if you don’t have one. Upload a video of yourself to YouTube and send him the link via e-mail. My fiancé did this three weeks after we met, and that video is just as valued as the engagement ring.

For Valentine’s Day, we agreed to not make a deal out of it. I bought a card for less than a dollar (his first VD card ever) and made a pizza in the shape of a heart with toppings that I knew he would like.

The idea of watching the sun rise and then later watching it set the same day is pretty romantic. Take some coffee/tea and a light breakfast in the morning and then a picnic in the evening. It seems symbolic of wanting to spend the rest of your life with him.

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Where do you live? That might help with some ideas. I’m assuming because you used uni and rubbish, that you’re not in the US.

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I like the idea of a night drive to a private or secluded park that has a clear view of a starry night ski, preferably close to the water. Star gazing and moon watching can be very serene and calming.

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Check out your local library for free films, visit your local museum or art gallery and then afterwards eat the packed lunch you took with you.

Go for a walk in the park, by the sea, or anywhere that is peaceful and connected to nature.

Have a bath together with candles while listening to music you both like.

Buy your favourite ice cream and share it in bed while watching some romantic film.

Read a special book to each other.

None of these ideas are original, but they can all lead to the development of special memories. The most romantic things my husband and I have done have usually been free or very cheap.

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A picnic on a rowboat, on a lake. Bring books and drift and read together. If you’re near London, I once saw a segment on TLC about punting on the Thames that looked really romantic.

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We both go to the same university in London, that’s how we met. So no I’m not from the US. Obviouisly in London beaches aren’t easy to come by but our hometowns are both by the south coast so we will hopefully do something nice then.

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