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Which diet pill is better, Hydroxycut or slimquick?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1960points) June 5th, 2011

Alright, this is for the those people who’ve either tried one or both. Which one of these pills would be the best choice?..I’m not saying I’m going to buy them or anything. And please DO NOT tell me if they’re bad, that I should work out the old fashion way, or anything of that sort..I just want to know if they worked for you or not, or which one was better. That is all, thanks.

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I haven’t tried these but I know that hoodia does control appetite. I think there’s vit B involved in a lot of these diet drugs and you can buy it cheaper as vit B.

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Better at taking your money away? They both seem to be priced similarly.

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Niether. Alli.

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Better for what ? Quick weight loss or permanent sustainable weight loss.

If you’re wanting the second option you won’t find it with either of these.

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Whether you want to hear it or not, neither one works.

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Are you asking from the perspective of someone who wants to use the pills for weightloss or as someone trying to gather data on perceived effectiveness of the pills from previous users?

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