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Audi a3 vs VW GTI?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) June 5th, 2011 from iPhone

Is there anything that would justify the a3 over the GTI? Which has better performance? I am aware they have very similar engine. Is the a3 worth the extra price?

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Similar engine, but not the same engine; the GTI has at least 10HP over the A3. The GTI is also better handling, though not quite as comfy; there is a balance between smooth ride and sporty grip and the two cars diverge there.

If it were me, I would actually go for a slightly used Golf R32 (hard because they are rare) or wait a year and go for the Golf R but I have a weakness for turbocharged AWD hot hatches :D

Seriously though, I think AWD handling, a nice interior , more power, and being just far enough off the beaten path to turn heads without actually being weird are worth a little extra. Though I would probably copy the skull I have on my hood just because I gotta be me.

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I take it you prefer the GTI? I would get a golf R, but they are only releasing it in manual >:( in the US, would be a killer car with DSG.

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I do prefer the GTI.

As for the DSG, I would rather not have a piece of equipment that caused 53,000 recalls in 2009 , takes control out of my hands and disallows certain tricks, cannot handle the power/torque of any serious engine mods, and weighs 50% more than a regular transmission. Give me a reliable three-pedal car any day :p

Besides, given how many people these days cannot drive stick, it’s less likely to get stolen :D

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@jerv This is off topic, but apropos to your comment about the car being stolen:

I once owned a 1986 Dodge Colt with a standard 8-speed transmission (4-speed with dual-range). About a month into my ownership of this car the retainer pin sheared off the shifter handle and the shifter fell down into the center console. I could reach down there and pick it up, but it only worked if you held it at just the right height, and as soon as you let go it would fall down again.

I used to joke with my friends that “hey, it’s not very fancy, but at least I don’t have to worry about it being stolen.”
Guess how I lost it?

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@koanhead of your friends stole it?

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@koanhead Less likely doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Besides, I thought we’d already established that you have bad luck with cars.

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