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Is this normal for a dog?

Asked by mcsnazzy (434points) June 5th, 2011

My dog had this lump that the vet said was a small harmless cyst but that I could pop it if needed. It has been irritating him lately because he’s been biting at it. I decided to pop it today. (ps. this lump is the size of a quarter). When i popped it, and unimaginable amount of thick whiteish pus came out. and it just kept coming out. Then there was a fairly large hole on the surface of his skin that then was clotted with blood.
Is it normal for so much thick pus to come out?
Can i stop this from coming back?

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The cyst is a small area that accumulates sebaceous material (a fatty, white, semi-solid material called sebum) – not pus. It will fill up again, and messing with it may cause irritation or infection. The only way to keep this from reoccurring is to have that area (basically a small sac) surgically removed.

Sebaceous cysts in dogs

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If it is a lipoma it is likely normal and benign. What comes out of one is fat cells and their contents. Removing a lipoma is best done by someone who knows proper technique.

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@Dr_Lawrence What the OP describes expressing from the cyst certainly sounds more like sebum than the typical less solid, more oily lipoma material (we jokingly refer to them as fattyomas). And I’ve never known anyone to be able to “pop” a lipoma – that would take some serious tissue damage.

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Thanks so much. i think its most definitly a sebaceous cyst. I googled it and it looks identical. I’ll speak to my vet about options. :)

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I agree with @syz One of my dog’s had many of these. It really isn’t anything to be concerned with unless the dog is showing signs of discomfort.

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I’d look for a new vet. “Popping” a cyst is dangerous, can introduce infection into the blood.

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