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Know anything about Mexico or Mexican culture?

Asked by MilkyWay (13707points) June 6th, 2011

I’m doing a project and have chosen the Latin American country Mexico as my subject. Do you have anything interesting to share with me regarding Mexico?
I’m at school right now… chuckle.

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I’ll send your question to a Mexican Jelly.

My husband is Mexican, what exactly do you want to know? Since my interaction is mostly only with his family, I can’t be sure if it is just how his family is or how a lot of the people in the country are and social class makes so much difference I think in Mexico, just like America. Not to mention the country people emigrated from makes a huge difference also, just like in America.

One thing I find is his family seems very passive aggressive when they are annoyed, silent treatment happens much more often than angry outbursts, I say it seems rather stiff upper lip, almost like how you would characterize the British.

Mexicans have a great sense of humor, and love to laugh.

I perceive them as entrepreneurial and strong work ethic.

Religion is still a big part of Mexican culture, most of the country is Catholic. The minority religion tend to cluster and live in their own neighborhoods.

They love food, and still cook from scratch.

Many people have live-in maids, you don’t have to be very wealthy, because labor is still very cheap.

Mexicans have a lot of national pride.

The public education system isn’t great from what I have gathered. Most children raised in families with some money send their children to private school, which is almost always a religious school. The average education level in Mexico is 5th grade, but the average is very deceptive, because so many have barely any education at all, and then many have college educations. Also, I think in the last 20 years more and more people are educated through high school. The wikipedia on education.

Here is the wikipedia on Mexican culture.

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Mexico had a very well developed and ancient culture, with the Mayas, Toltecs, and Aztec cultures prospering up until the 1500’s, when the Spanish invaded the land and colonized the area. Independece was reclaimed in the 1800’s.

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I need to correct something. This question got me thinking about education, something I am very interested in, and it seems the more recent stats have an average education of 7 years in Mexico. It wasn’t completely clear if that included kindergarten, but I am going to assume it means 7th grade. Still, Mexico as a country is very low relatively speaking, although their literavy rate is very good. Above 90%.

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They hosted the 1970 & 1986 football World Cup, excellent tournaments by the way.
I’d avoid the Titty Twister though, very hostile environment, although the stripper is hot ;¬}
Not very much knowledge of the place, but there you go.

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Can’t wait to see what @bob_ writes.

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Mexico is a country of mouth-dropping contrasts. There are many very poor people, and some (few) very wealthy (the richest man in the world is Mexican).

It is also very geographically diverse, having beaches, deserts, forests, etc.

Religion is indeed a very important part of Mexican culture, as @JLeslie said.

Football (soccer) is by far the most popular sport.

And… well, is there anything in particular you want to know about? :P

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@bob_ I once saw Carlos Slim in an interview. He still lives very modestly from what I remember, much like America’s Warren Buffet. He was very interesting.

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I was just there on business. If you steer clear of tourist areas you will understand just how poor the people are, and how corporations who profit from Mexico will try and make you unaware of same. Thus cruise ships collude to profit a few and make it difficult for you to see the “real Mexico”. Follow money and greed and you will understand how corporations really are such a pimp for profit at all costs in the name of capitalism. Mexico, with its wonderful people, are really victims of globalization, yet on the cusp of prosperity if we reach out to them in a real way.

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Oh my goodness! Thanks guys!
@JLeslie and @bob_ I’m just looking for information on typical Mexican culture, their beliefs, traditions, how the food plays a part in life and just some other general stuff. Your answers have been really helpful :)
Thank you!

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Well, each region has some of it’s own foods. The Yucatan you can find a lot of seafood. The they also make a sauce called Pibel that they use on pork. tacos are very popular all over Mexico, just like you would think, but they are soft, not the deep fried kind we eat. A very popular taco is Taco Al Pastor the meat is kind of similar to a gyro, but pork. But, you can get tacos with chicken, shredded beef, etc. Chiles (hot peppers) are used in a lot of dishes.

Also, the cocoa bean (chocolate) is basically a Mexican discovery I think, check my history. I think it was the Mayans who cultivated and figured out what to do with it, and the Spanish explorers were fascinated by the foods and desserts and helped spread the deliciousness across the Americas and Europe.

Various mole (said mo-lay) click on mole sauce halfway down the page, are popular in various regions.

My husband swears there is no such thing as a fajita in Mexico and nachos for sure were invented in America. Lol.

So much of Mexican food is very laborous. Tacos, sopés, so many things that you make individual, rather than just one big roast in the oven like an American thanksgiving.

Beans, frijoles are also eaten a lot. Refried beans, bean soaps, frijoles charros is one of my favorites.

Popular desserts are Flan, and Tres Leches cake. Also churros are a Mexican treat of fried dough with sugar.

In terms of beliefs, as mentioned before there are mostly Catholics in the country, about 90% of the population I think. Our lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, or something like that. @bob will know. There is a largeish Jewish community also in Mexico City, about 500,000 I think. Talking about Mexico City, I think it is the most populated city in the world, check me on this too, somewhere around 24 million people live in the city.

Mariachi music is very Mexican, and is played at celebrations, parties, and weddings.

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Cool, thanks @JLeslie :D

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If there’s anything in particular you need to know you can always PM the two resident jelly-beans (@bob_ and myself).

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