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How much would driving from Sicily to Croatia cost?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 6th, 2011

I searched on google maps for the route. Seems doable. Just need to have a preventive cost of gas and estimated duration of the journey.
Have any way of finding this out?
of course it depends on the type of car as well… I just need some standard guidelines.
(I think I’ll be using a fiat.. maybe panda, or similar) = MAYBE.

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I would wager there is a car ferry from Sicily to the mainland.

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It’s doable, but the cost of petrol ( one tank will cost more than the cost of a ferry boat from Sicily to Naples ) will be the expense to calculate.

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around 291 euros in Petrol, 1778 km 17:30 hours.

Look here:

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@jaytkay From Sicily to the mainland of Croatia, you would have to take the ferry through ‘the shaft of the boot’ of Italy.

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@whitenoise I was referring to the ferry from Sicily to Italy. Which is part of the trip in your link.

Also, I was responding to a previous comment, which has been removed, where someone suggested you can’t drive from Sicily to Croatia,

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