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What do you like most about your birthday?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) June 6th, 2011

Some people like celebrating their birthdays, while others think of it as another year closer to becoming senile.

However you look at it, what do you enjoy the most with your birthday? The cards in the mail, the gifts, the celebration, the partying, the people? Why do you enjoy it so much? Do you like to have a big party or just spending time with a significant other or family? Have you ever had a surprise birthday party thrown for you? Did you like it?

How has celebrating your birthday changed over the years?

What do you hate the most about your birthday?

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Looking forward to birthday cards in the mail is probably what I enjoy the most. It’s the anticipation of taking it out, reading it, and hoping something drops out when opening it.

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It was fun celebrating back in the day, but now it’s just another day. I may go out for a drink or something.

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Since I am quite shy I hate the attention, and the best part is when it is done. I tolerate the celebration, more for my kids who revel in it. I never tell them I am uncomfortable with it, and appreciate their fervour, though it is not shared. I do think of my life on that day, and like the fact I am still alive and kicking.

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Getting my friends together.

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Fireworks: my birthday is July 4, which is Independence Day in the US and celebrated with grand fireworks displays all over the country.

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My family uses them as reasons for everyone getting together,so I don’t mind them that much. The little kids love them for the parties.

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Just another day for me.

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Does this question mean that it’s your birthday? Is this a sneaky little announcement? :)

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I don’t celebrate it nor do I see it as another nail in the coffin. It just is.

This year, I turn 40 so that may change.

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@ANef_is_Enuf No, it is actually not my birthday today, but it may or may not have been yesterday.

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Consolation prizes.XD and a trip to the zoo!

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Unwrapping the missus later that evening.
What a thoughtful gift that is.

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@erichw1504 happy belated! I asked a similar question on my birthday last year, so I was suspicious immediately. ;)

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Talking to Mom. I’ve never been a fan of celebrating my birthday with others except with her. Like others, a public celebration is uncomfortable. I’ve since learned that many people I care for do not feel the same way, I make the effort to participate in their celebration.

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That it’s all about love, I was born on Valentine’s Day and I love it!!!! All full of red and pink hearts and kisses!!!!

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I like waiting to see who’s going to call or send a card. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

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It only comes once a year…

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At my age, I am always thrilled that I made it to yet another one.

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I am pleased that I wake up. Anything else is unnecessary. By the way, I just turned 64 on the 3rd of June and am now a proud member of the Senior Citizen Center. I intend to make some noise there.

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I used to like the money in the birthday cards…I occasionally still do get money from some kind relatives, but now the money goes to bills :(

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Still breathing

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I like it best when I can get through it without remembering it is my birthday. So far I think I’ve made it to around 10 or 11 am before someone reminds me. Maybe one day.

I don’t want a birthday. I don’t like the attention, although I might like it if I thought being born was a great achievement. Unfortunately, I had nothing to do with it. I might like it if I had fun, but that almost never happens. It was cool when I turned 50 and was given lobster. Other than that, I don’t remember most of my birthdays.

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daaaa moneyyyyy $$$$$

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The best part of my birthdays is being around to celebrate them. I count every one as a blessing having lived 8 years longer than my mother was on this planet. For most of my life I just figured I was destined to repeat her fate.

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The best thing about my birthday, to me, is that I share it with Kurt Cobain haha.

But in all seriousness, the ice cream cake.

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It being the day that I came into this world of ours.
I like hanging out with my mother and appreciate her. Other than that I don’t do much for my birthdays. Though when I am 18 I think I will do something fun :)

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I don’t celebrate my birthday, but I’m just glad they keep on coming.

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Taking the day off.

In all my years of working, not once have I worked on my birthday, even if it’s during the week. That’s my holiday, dammit!

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That I can still HAVE them! : D

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Honestly, knowing that I have a loving family that is still willing to give me presents!

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I love knowing I’m one year closer to not being a jailbait…

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I was born on Valentine’s Day, so my boyfriend gets double duty.

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I love the gifts (I’m a bit mercenary what can I say!).
I mostly love the fact that I spend time with my family though. It is always a special day.

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Free shit lol.

Nah, I don’t really care about my birthday, but I do love that my grandma always sends me a card on all my birthdays, (Xmas, too) along with a letter telling me how things are going with her, and telling me to write back and all.

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Actually thinking about this question more what I love most is the one big present I buy for myself every year is for my birthday. I try to focus everything on everyone else all year long and once a year I allow myself a birthday present since we did away with exchanging birthday gifts for adults in my family I give myself one. This year was a big screen TV wanted one for years saved and bought one for my b-day this year.

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If single then I want my best friends around me for dinner, cake, champagne and MUSIC. If it’s me and a partner then I want fancy dinner out, cake & champagne at home with flowers and jewelry and/or lingerie and perfume as gifts.

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That it only comes around every 365 days (any more that that and I’d really be old).

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