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How should I proceed to claim/dispute a Facebook Page?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) June 6th, 2011

I am part of this group that is promoting a popular movement.

In advance of us hitting the streets, this anonymous person registered the page and started getting followers.

It’s published as the official page of the movement, yet the communications group has no access to it.

More, the page is not updated. Only fans post stuff there. Nothing official is being published, which is making us lose steam.

How can we go about claiming/disputing the page? Any tips?

It would be cool if we could go about this another way, but the administrator doesn’t reply to any of our posts requesting contact.

Thanks for your insight/experience.

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E-mail FaceBook and dispute the page. You may have to go through additional steps to PROVE you are the rightful group.

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Do you know the administrator? Is he in any way affiliated with your organization? You probably should put your page up, and indicate that it is official by being completely transparent about contact information. What is the intention of this person? Are they soliciting funds? Directing people to a website? Is there any type of fraud being perpetuated?

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@Jeruba Thank you. Wiping egg off face…

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Here’s a napkin. You’re fine.

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This is about a #yeswecamp at a particular location. Nobody on the ground knows who this person is. This person also registered the twitter handle regarding this location. And (s)he has left both these online venues dormant. We have the same names registered at a wordpress (which is updated many times daily by us) and a gmail account. Thanks for everything guys.

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Perhaps they registered it, planning on selling it to your group…

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