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24 hours in Miami. Quirky things to do?

Asked by andrew (16375points) June 6th, 2011 from iPhone

C has a layover there. What are amazing gems for her to do?

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At the very least, they should get a sandwich at La Sandwicherie, and there are many things in that area to check out once the belly is full on the best sandwich money can buy.

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Go to the beach.. If you like the club scene and have time, go to a club.. They have pretty good ones.

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There is a “Medieval Times Restaurant and Tournament” in Miami. It’s a pretty fun quirky night out. You get to set in an arena and dine on “medieval” fair while watching a jousting tournament as well as side demonstrations like falconry and “trick” riding.

I enjoyed it.

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Find out where Burn Notice is filming and crash the set.

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South Beach. Just 15 minutes from the airport. Around 8th street are the topless beaches. Lincoln Road is peroendicular to the beach around 17th, just before or just after, lots of restaurants, really nice to walk along, especially happening at night.

Oh, she could go to Bayside, just across from Miami Beach. It is a shopping mall, if she wants to shop, and there used to be a kiosk where they write whatever you want on a grain of rice and make it into a necklace. I lost mine, and I want a new one. There is some shopping on South Beach too, along Collins Ave, starts around 6th street and walk north. Armani Exchange, Kenneth Cole, Richie Swimwear and more. Seriously just go to South Beach and walk around or lie on the beach.

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How old is C? What does she like to do?

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Maybe it is stating the obvious, but make sure to take a ride on the people mover. It is free, convenient and a hoot to realize that it is completely automated, including announcements of where the next stop is.

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