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Will oscar go down as one of the greats?

Asked by zaid (216points) April 25th, 2008

“The goal is to fight these three fights this year and leave on top,” De La Hoya said this week on a conference call with reporters. “There’s not going to be no 2009, no fights after December. I want these three fights and go out like a champion. I know it’s the last time I will step inside the ring

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you’re prolly right, zack:
1989 Gold Medalist National Golden Gloves
1990 Gold Medalist US National Championships
1990 Gold Medalist Goodwill Games
1991 Gold Medalist US National Championships
1991 Gold Medalist US Olympic Festival
1992 Gold Medalist World Championships Challenge
1992 Gold Medalist Olympic Games
Won 38 (KOs 30) Lost 5 Drawn 0 Total 43
De La Hoya has defeated over a dozen world champions and has won 6 world titles.
De La Hoya’s amateur career included 223 wins, 163 by way of knockout, with only 5 losses.
He won the United States’ only boxing gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics.
After the superfight with Floyd Mayweather in 2007, Oscar de la Hoya became the richest fighter ever in the history of boxing.
With his victory against Castillejo, De La Hoya became the youngest boxer to win world titles in five weight classes and he joined the ranks of Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns for this distinction.

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I could have just looked at Wikipedia Zaid.

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For wrestling information^

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apparently, you didn’t.

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No need to copy and paste.

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nice edits.

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didn’t he retire 3 years ago?

he will go down as one of the biggest draws, biggest baby-faces, and richest boxers.

is he the best in his class, no.

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I agree, not necessarily best in his class but one of the greatest in his class.

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