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Which actor/ess character in a movie that resemblance your personality?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) June 6th, 2011

Please add a percentage and a little bit description if you can.

I like Milla Jovovich in 45 movie since she really has 85% the same personality as my personality in real life. She’s smart, bitchy, highly-determined, and revenge lover.

Halle Berry in Perfect Stranger has 95% of my real life personality. Also smart, bitchy, pragmatic, opportunistic, independent, and organized.

What about yours?

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I am 100% Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty. ~

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None, I’m not emotionally dramatic. Unless there’s a role played by someone who is very stoic until it’s time to laugh and have a good time.

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I’d say there’s a 50% similarity between Max von Sydow in Steppenwolf and me.

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I identified with Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man. Not the role, but the personality he played.

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Bill Murray as Don Johnston, in Broken Flowers is depressingly similar to me, about 75%. In truth though, I feel more like Don Johnston combined with his son, since I happen to not know my father either, and am much closer to the son’s age.

SPOILER:Even though you never actually see the son.

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Remember ” Lightenin’ ” from the Amos ‘n Andy show?.. That’s me. For those who have no clue.. Bruce Willis, because $ _ _ T is ALWAYS trying to knock me off my game.

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Clown from Spawn .. that’s because i always lurk around, not everyone knows my true loyalty, my words can be interpreted, I do bad things and get no remorse over them [ sometimes ],

[ and this is a bad thing for me though I can admit it ]

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83% Billy Bob Thornton as Karl Childers in Sling Blade.

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This may sound insane but I see myself as Frodo Baggins, Sam Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took all rolled into one with a dash of the evil Sauron.

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Dirk Diggler, i’m 69% sure of it ;¬}

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When I was a kid, 100% Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. Behavior, appearance, etc.

A bit older, 75% Idgie Threadgood from Friend Green Tomatoes. Behavior, attitude.

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@Prosb – Jim Jarmusch film reference on fluther! Nice.

In all honesty, I don’t recall ever seeing a movie and thinking that a character was similar in personality to me. The closest thing I can say about movies and characters is that I can relate to certain aspects of certain characters at different times in my life.

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Old Yeller. :)

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