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Nikon D60 or D80 Slr camera?

Asked by elman25 (159points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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…A bit more information, what do you use it for, etc

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personal… First DSLR

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Wow you must have some money to blow.. sorry just bought my first, a Nikon D40 (dont have much spare cash) anyway there both 10.2MP so thats pretty good, what your looking at between the D60 & D80 is first off cost. with the D60 your looking at $700 with a lens. but a D80 is over $800 without a lens and you’ll find yourself paying 300 upwards for a lens. Personally i would go the D60. if you’re just starting off and are looking for a good easy to use camera the D60 i the way to go. but if you want something a bit more advanced then go the D80.

EDIT Prices in USD from

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Here is one of the most detailed reviews I have found. The guy really seems to know his stuff. He reviews all the cameras on his site.

I just got a Nikon D40 a few months ago and I love it. The colors are incredible. It is my first dSLR. I have more than enough stuff to go into. Since I don’t plan on blowing pictures up beyond 8×10 I don’t need 10MP I would rather have the color.

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nah man you can save a lot of money by going here

you can get the camera and lens for a little over 500 bucks, and you get so many other goodies…

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keep in mind, those aren’t the best lenses they give with those packages, but that’s still the cheapest I’ve found a D80

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erm, nvm that site. i just read a lot of shitty reviews about them.

stick to amazon and ebay..

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Ken Rockwell recommends the D40 over the D60, and he seems to like the D40 over the D80 as well. Go for the D40. It’s a great camera.

If you have extra money, get an extra lens—this Nikon 50mm prime is an excellent lens. It lets in lots of light.

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