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Is there a certain physical feature on an individual that you find particularly attractive (with some, they like feet)

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 7th, 2011

Some like feet; other appreciate long, shapely legs; or a nice chest. Some people love the look of beautiful hands (with long, slender fingers on women).

What is it for you?

I am a butt girl. I love a shapely ass on a women. Not too large. Just nice and round. And I’m down to get the friction on..

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I think I need to take a moment

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Hair, in general, but military haircuts are the way to my heart.

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Big butts, and wide hips. It turns me into an animal lol.

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Legs, legs and more legs!! Woof!

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Squinting eyes do something to me.
And hips.

And lisping.

And nipples.

I guess the i is hot to me.

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oh oh and they have to be slightly tan <3

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Guess I will follow the crowd although it is my favorite really… butt

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Try to pick one, people. :)

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@Jude I pick hips i think. And nipples…...

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Why do we have to choose? My fav is wherever my lips happen to be.

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Since my wife is sometimes on Fluther, I refuse to answer this question on the grounds in might incriminate me. Understand?

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Just one?
They must have strong knees.

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Too make it more of a challenge. :)

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I like women’s feet as some of you already know.

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Jawline and hands.

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When they’re down on their knees in front of you, @lucillelucillelucille? ;-)

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Okay, if it’s just one spot, the area where the leg meets the inner thigh, and then over a bit.

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It’s all in the way she works it. If she works her face right, she can have me at the crook of her finger. Otherwise, it’s her shapely legs. This is assuming she is clothed. If she is unclothed there is one place my eyes go back to over and over again—that moist portal of instant sanity.

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@Jude Or kissing my @ss XD

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Ah, the secret delights of kissing ass!

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I love dark features (eyes, hair, skin) more than anything else. I also love men with big hands and smaller boobs on women.

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What else? 0 0

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Pink nose, long graceful tail, majestic whiskers, and fur like velvet.

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I like everything, really. On men, height and muscles. On women, I’m particularly fond of breasts and ass, but I love the whole female form.

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The belly! and the inside of the forearm, because it’s so soft.. but that probably makes me creepy.

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Depends @Hacksawhawk , if by that you mean soft to chew on whilst eating then yeah, it’s slightly creepy.
Cool name by the way.

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@gailcalled lmfao. I love a woman’s thigh; especially where the thigh meets the bum.

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Elbows. Nice shapely elbows.

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Yes, hands. I don’t know if it’s because I play the piano or not, but I like people’s hands…

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For women, I have a thing for hands. I think I can tell a gay woman by her hands. My wife’s hands are tiny but soo strong.

For men, well I think it’s mostly their torso and chest areas that I find sexiest. Lean, but toned.

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@tinyfaery, how do you tell if a woman is gay by their hands? I’m just saying…

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@tinyfaery I have long, slender fingers and very feminine looking hands. I had some guy that worked at a coffee shop in Port Huron check out my hands (which, at first was a bit weird). He said that I had beautiful hands. They’re strong, but, I don’t get the gay thing either. How can you tell with hands?

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It’s my own personal thing. I can’t explain it.

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Hands. There is much to be learned in their study.

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On girls, I love a cute nose!

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