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How much of your country's national anthem do you actually know & in what instances (if any) do you sing it?

Asked by ucme (49306points) June 7th, 2011

In terms of the words I mean. I read somewhere, can’t recall where exactly, that 60% of us Brits don’t know all of the words to God Save the Queen.
I’m definitely one of those only aware of the odd verse & that’s only when I hear it at football matches & the like. Not a fan of it anyway, very arse licky & dull as dishwater. So yeah, how about you?

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All of it (“Oh, Canada!”). And, I can sing it in French, as well. How often? Every morning, at the beginning of the school day.

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I know half. I know the verse that most Americans know. As for the other half, I might know a few of the lines.. but barely. We never sing it all the way through.

I can’t actually remember the last event that called for singing the Star Spangled Banner.

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I didn’t even know there was a second verse to the Star Spangled Banner, although I know the whole first verse. Edit: Actually, I don’t know the whole thing, because I just tried to recall it and failed lol. Patriotism Fail.

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I know all of The Star Spangled Banner, and I sing it at sporting events and other public places where it is played.

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Just the first verse. I have just googled the rest of God Save The Queen and I never knew there were 6 verses. I wonder if the Queen herself knows them all?!

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@Leanne1986 Yeah, I never knew that either.
I imagine she sings it to herself in the bath, narcissistic bugger that she most probably is ;¬}

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^^Another one that we have to sing from time to time (at school assemblies). I know the first line. :)

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I know all of the part of the The Star Spangled Banner that is sung regularly at ball games etc. I do not know the rest of it. I usually lip sync rather than sing because I could not hit those notes to save my soul.

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@ucme I have to say, if I was Queen I would totally do that!

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I know very little and I’m not ashamed. I rarely sing it. This is one of the many things I don’t give a shit about.

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I know all of it because I’ve sung in several times with a group for events.

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The first 2 lines, I think. I care not about it, and I never sing it, either.
(It feels kind of disturbing singing it, or watching others sing it. WW2 was not too long ago, after all)

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I can sing it like.. almost completely. And I never sing it!
they made me learn it at school, those bastards!

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All of it…at ball games, mainly, and as it arises in other instances…

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I know most of the words of Scotland’s de facto national anthem Flower of Scotland but I only sing it when Scotland are playing football.

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I know 2 verses of The Star Spangled Banner, but I only sing the first when I’m showing off. I’ve not been to any event where it’s sung in years. I wish the anthem was America the Beautiful.

I only know the first verse of God Save the Queen.

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I know the whole thing and I sing it when it is sung in a crowd as well as various other times that I just feel like belting it out.

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Not much of a nationalist either way so know the first verse of God save the Queen and Flower of Scotland but never join in with anthem singing as I think that it promotes division rather than national pride

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