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What are some things the opposite sex just don't get?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) June 7th, 2011

Post something that the opposite sex does not understand about your gender. If you don’t mind, post your gender; for example I might say:
Female here. Understand if I say I’m upset and don’t want to talk about it; it means, I’m upset and want to talk about it.
Or: Just because you see a clean space, doesn’t mean you can make it into a dumping ground for stuff you refuse to put where it belongs.

This is a fun post, so have fun..dammit!.:D

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Male: Clutter is good!

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Male: I did not, “not do it” on purpose, I’m just lazy.

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If we don’t replace the toilet paper roll we win.

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Chick Flicks.
How good a long cry feels.

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When a man looks at another woman, he is not usually comparing you to her. Nor will he later think of her when he is with you. He is simply answering the most basic and ancient of all questions,

“Would I do her?”

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The opposite sex. ;-)

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Female: Menstrual cramps are real and they fucking hurt.

Just because a woman has her period doesn’t mean she’s angry and just because a woman’s angry doesn’t mean she has her period.

Text us back, dammit.

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Men & boobs – the thing is we are wired to be attracted. Yes, it is possible NOT to look at them a second time, but it takes a lot of self restraint. It’s like asking us not to sniff a second time when we think there might be bacon in the vicinity, or not to prick up our ears when we think someone may have called our name.

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Male: The bromance (note avatar).

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That being a virgin is something special.

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Yelling at the TV during sports changes the outcome of the game, letting my team prevail.

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If we say nothing is wrong, something probably is…. but it might not be.
You dont have to fix things when we tell you what is wrong, just listen and be nice. Unless it’s something like the kitchen is a mess or the grass is too tall, then you can fix it.

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Wife to husband: “I want you to go shopping for me. Please pick up a carton of milk, and if they have eggs, get six.”

Wife to husband, later: “Honey, why did you bring home six cartons of milk?”

Husband to wife: “They had eggs.”

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I don’t have or want a gender (even if others gender me a woman) – so there’s no opposite gender per se and I don’t believe there is anything that the male sex can’t get, even if they don’t know how certain things might feel, physically.

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We can’t read your effing mind, if something is wrong, we most likely didn’t do it on purpose so we didn’t know we did anything, so speak up.

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We’re always listening, it just goes in one ear and out the other sometimes.

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The only things that need to be said about a woman’s body are compliments.
Yes, it does take us longer to get ready than you. Deal with it.
We wouldn’t have to nag if you did what we said the first time.

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If we didn’t do it the first time, it’s because something more important came up.

Everything is more important than some of the things we’re tasked with.

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Sometimes, I just want to be held/cuddle, is that so wrong? We don’t always have to knock boots.

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Female- Not all women are alike, or like the same things, so please don’t compare me with all the others.

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Men are not that shallow… I hope

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hormones do flucuate before you get your period and when stressed it adds to the differences in the mood you feel before get your period.

Women are not all just sex toys to be played with, they have feelings too

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@Blackberry: That’s the kind of thing I have to say to my boyfriend. :P

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Just because men can ackn0wledge another woman is pretty does not mean he will leaver you for her or try to have an afair with her behind your back.

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If I say “I don’t want to talk about it.” I mean I really want to talk about it, I’m just afraid to talk about it with you.
Text me back!
Don’t tell me you’ll call, then don’t call. If you’re not going to call just don’t say you will, so I won’t wait for your phone call. D:<
My facebook status is most likely about you.

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Female: Sometimes, I want to be the one who f*cks you in the ass.

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Women love sex as much as men and are not nymphs just because they do!!!

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If you knew what you were doing I might actually want to do things with you. ;)

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If we make love, I will feel like you love me. If I feel you love me, then I will do all those things you like, like giving massages and cuddling and talking and listening and all. You do not want me doing those things to you if I don’t feel like you love me.

Never works at my house, but I thought I’d see if it would fly here. There’s a lot more to say about this, but you really don’t want to get me started.

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Female: If your not intersted say your not just don’t ignore us, we don’t do it to you. If we do you get upset and demand an answer, but refuse to even give us one when we do the same to you. How fair are men with how they think?????

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“Honestly? Well…, yeah, it does look a little big in those jeans…”

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@rebbel Yep

And if we tell you your ass is big, it’s because we like it :)

@KatawaGrey I’ll think of another one, then lol.

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Female. I don’t want to see random pictures of your genitalia especially if I haven’t asked to see them.

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Female here.
When I feel shy, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to get to know you. It just means I want you to make that first move.

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I always think the guy should make the first move, I will make a gesture but its up to him to reciprocate in some way I am not going to attack.

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Male. How being a responsible male to their family and work is a hard balancing act and that we are not infallable or superman even though you want us to be..

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I’m a female.

Just because I love you and we share most everything doesn’t mean I’m ok cleaning up around and outside of the toilet because you can’t be bothered to sit down when you pee.

I’ve yet to meet another female who likes to be tickled under her chin but for some reason this is a favorite gesture of males. I don’t get it.

I don’t want to make out with anyone who doesn’t wash their hands after going to the toilet.

I change my underwear whenever I’ve been sweaty during the day, after bathing or before bed, I just do. It makes me cringe that a male will wear a pair of undies for 24hrs.

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@Neizvestnaya: Oh, that reminds me, if it’s my apartment, you put the fucking seat down. I don’t care why you leave it up. I live here, not you, so PUT THE GODDAMN SEAT DOWN!!! I lose my fucking earrings in there.

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Men; 2 universal bail out words that ends it: I FORGOT.

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@woodcutter No disrespect to your answer, but I vote the 2 better words are a very sincere I’M SORRY

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@blueiiznh That comes after the -I Forgot -setup. You have to make them really believe you forgot. They already think we’re thick and all, so it should fly.

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@woodcutter: A little secret: those words makes us angry and resentful. They are not a “bail out.” If you actually think it’s okay to make your SO believe that you actually forgot something, I feel very sorry for her.

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@KatawaGrey We’ve been together longer than most people on here have been alive. I think she gets me.

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I smile when I look at you for the same reason you do.

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I’m truly unaware of how messy I am most of the time. We need help.

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I can’t say, “You’re in a foul mood.” or “You’re out for blood.” So I say “I don’t want to talk about that now.” This is not the same as saying, “I don’t care about your feelings.”

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Women, sometimes a man had a lot on his mind and needs deep thought to work them out. He is not avoiding you, figure you or no longer pretty, or not talking to you because he is out chatting up some blonde; he can’t talk to you because he has to focus on something major.

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Male : when asked, “Do I look big in this?” bear in mind you’re looking for an honest opinion. No need to stomp our guts out if you don’t like the honesty :-/
Why do you do it to us??? “Do I look big in this”....... Indeed….....

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“PUT THE GODDAMN SEAT DOWN!!! I lose my fucking earrings in there.”

Wouldn’t putting down the lid keep your earrings from falling into the bowl?

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@Brian1946: Most women I know of call the whole shebang the seat.

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Not to mention that it just looks better to have the whole shebang put down…

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@JilltheTooth I have to say…the cats seem to prefer it up. Eye of the beholder etc.

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Flicking channels on the TV. Why else did God gives us the remote?

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To women: I didn’t drop you fizzer in the toilet, it was the cat.

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