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What are some sites that you frequently visit through out the day?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I am trying to expand my Internet fun and looking got suggestions.

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I visit/use flutter, digg, twitter, facebook and my bank.

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gmail, facebook, fluther, google reader.

I used to digg a lot, but I found reader to be more useful.

JonnyCeltics's avatar (best news site) (best sports site, with (great social networking site) (best email out there)
google finance (well organized, financial news, portfolio keeper)
international herald tribune (great int’l news site) (just check it out….awesome humorous news blog) (great pop-culture blog) (good for int’l news) (great sports site) (decent news articles)
yahoo (games) (great stuff here) (great travel blog – great writing) (just check it out….) (the best website in the history of the world) (movie information) (athlete blogs) (porn) (download community) (fun stuff) (games – try acno’s energizer!


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At work I mostly work with internal sites, but at home….these are some of my most used bookmarks:
BBC News
Jyllands Posten – Danish News
Olivant – Faroese News
Apple Web Apps – mostly from iPhone
UCC – the college I attend
Limperts Academy – the other college I attend
eBookers – one can always dream….

And constant stops at of course and on to various shopping sites…

SuperMouse's avatar – news/politics – celebrity fashion disasters – gossip and lots of it – the name says it all – dream definitions – lost of snarky conversation about lots of television shows

iLady's avatar Great photos and videos of the pets we love Fantastic creative free wallpaper

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