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Ideas for visual creative project?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) June 7th, 2011

We have to make a visual creative project about our book. (City of Ember) It can be anything from a movie to a powerpoint presentation.

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I would make a stick puppet show.

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Depends. How nice is the teacher? I had a cool teacher once who had us a book project on The Outsiders. We made a satrical look at how we saw the book. We got an A+ and big laugh points.

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It was a movie by the way. It wasn’t too long. 6 minutes, maybe a little more.

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Build a model of the underground city using a box and piece plexiglass.

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What about creating an imovie and each frame would slowly dim as you tell your overview of the story. Find out the length the project needs to be no shorter and not longer than so you don’t go to short or too long and make a video it showing pictures with the city slowing going into darkness or something on that idea

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How much time do you want to spend on this thing? This is what I would do, but it might be a bit of a time suck. But I get a kick out of these kinds of projects, so….

- Build a box. Or better yet, find one that looks like it’s been kickin’ around for awhile. Don’t try to make it look aged though. That usually turns out awful—unless you’re good at that sort of thing.

- Outfit the bottom of the box with a lightbox. Use a piece of plexi.

- Create a series of papercuts that recount the novel. This is the trickiest part. Each scene would be set inside a circle (or an organic shape akin. to a circle). Each consecutive scene would get smaller and smaller. This is the trickiest part because you’d have to take into account what the previous scene(s) had already cut out. Use black paper. Mount on cardstock or posterboard for a little more structure.

- The last page would be a tiny hole on the page with two figures standing at the precipice. Whereas each scene utilized the light from the lighbox, I would cut these black on black.

- Set this into the lid of the box. The story will read from back to front. (The first page will have the largest circle.)

- Create a closure for the box that incorporates a note tied around a stone.
If you just want a passing grade, I’m sure a simple diorama will do.

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Less work, but more fun than a diorama…

Retell the story in a dark classroom using backlit figures. Cut out a small silhouette for each major character/object and glue them to a flashlight. You can make them run and climb all over your classroom walls.

One way or another, I really think light (or lack thereof) should be incorporated into your project.

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I’m thinking interpretive dance, with about 10 people, starting with very simple robed costumes, with other less elaborate (but obvious) costumes underneath, so that each of the original players can also play other people by pulling off layers. Pick some type of dramatic music that would play througout the 5 to 10 minute “dance.” Dim the light in the room and have someone use spotlights, or flashlights or even a strobe (at appropriate moments). Of course the “box” would be handed from person to person, or set down, or dropped, or hidden as need be.

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