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What are some situations to put this character in?

Asked by comicalmayhem (809points) June 8th, 2011

Cory is an awkward kid, just trying to fit in. He has trouble enunciating clearly and is often picked on by other kids. He awkwardly tries to fit in, trying to be funny and imitating what other kids do. What are some situations you could put Cory in that’d be funny?

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I’d make him a fluther member who posts a confusing question.

Edit: Aahh. I see the tags now. got nothing

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@tom_g I made a brief character description. Now I’m asking the community what situations a character like this could be funny because of the situation. If you place a weird character in a normal situation, it could be funny (just a quick example). I’m looking for specific situations like “Cory is at the beach surrounded by dogs when one dog bites his arm and…” (just a quick example, again)

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Post-prom coital difficulties.

Ready, set, go!

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that putting an awkward kid who can’t enunciate clearly in a situation that would be considered funny is actually kind of cruel?

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@Kardamom That’s the challenge here. He’s not autistic, he just has a lisp.

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Family situation with aunts he hasn’t seen for a long time. You know that cringworthy aunt or uncle who says inappropriate things that fill kids with horror. Or maybe that’s just my family!

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@comicalmayhem Maybe I’m missing the point of your whole scenario. Why would you purposely choose a situation (a kid with a lisp) and try to make that seem funny? Why not just have a regular kid and make a funny scene? I think you are bound to hurt a lot of people who have speech impediments by making them look foolish.

Maybe you could explain this to us a little better. What is the bigger scenario? Why do you specifically have a child who has a speech impediment? How does his disability lend itself to your story?

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How old is Cory?

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@bkcunningham 16.

@Kardamom He’s not mentally or socially disabled. You’re just being a bit too sensitive. This isn’t a story. This is just a for-fun question that may be a bit of a challenge to some people. And for this to be a funny situation, it doesn’t necessarily have to be making fun of him. Think outside the box.

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I’ll relate a true story you may be able to incorporate into a high school or after school setting. A steel worker friend of mine was starting on a new job site. He didn’t know anyone and saw a foreman standing in the middle of a circle of men.

As he approached he heard the very large steel worker foreman telling a joke. Well, the large steel worker was telling the joke with a lisp. My friend arrived just in time for the laughter. He said, “I missed that one, but have you heard this one.” And he proceeded to tell a joke about a man with a lisp. Welllll…everyone around him moved away and kept giving my friend weird looks. It turns out the steel worker telling the first joke, actually had a lisp. He laughed at the joke and it took about an hour for my friend to realize the guy actually had a speech impediment.

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Give him an account on Fluther and have him ask for advice about how his silly characters in his awkward stories should act.

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Cory’s mom made him quiche one morning. Instead of “keesh”, Cory pronounced it as “kiss”.
Later, Cory talks to a girl about having quiche for breakfast. How he wants for her to taste some quiche as well. Seeing the puzzled expression on the girl’s face, Cory realizes she heard the word “kiss” so he tries to explain but before he could say a word, she planted a kiss on his lips.

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Why he sounds like ideal superhero material to these ears.

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