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If it all came back around to you, would it help you or hurt you?

Asked by AshLeigh (16183points) June 9th, 2011

They say karma’s a bitch.
How much trouble would you be in?

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It already has. Some of it has hurt, but taught me to be a better person.
Some of it has brought me pure joy.

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Not much. Just a little bit.

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Some. Not too much. I try to treat people as I would like to be treated. If you do that, you don’t get in too much trouble.

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I’ll probably be hurt indirectly, just as I fear I’ve hurt people indirectly…
I treat people well mostly, but I tend to get bored as it were and turn my back. Something of which I’m not very proud.

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I give more than I take always have but that may not be enough for some of the things I have done over the years. I am due for a swift kick in the rear from Karma is as Karma does! ;)

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I would definitely help. I’ve been kind to many people, as it is in my nature, only to be shat on by them. I hope my good karma starts to show it’s face.

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Oh, my karma ship sailed in filled with treasure some years ago.
I have no doubt there was some divine intervention in that ship coming home to it’s port of call. ;-)

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I’m due for the good karma ship coming in I should think. Or at least, I should like to think.

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I’d have only a few more trouble than now but I’d have a lot more reasons to be happy.
[ good things won’t always return back ]

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I think I’ve always had good intentions, at the very least, so I hope I would get some credit for that. :/

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It would help me.

Only138's avatar

I’d be royally fucked.

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It should hurt me, but karma would prolly just feel sorry for me.

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@Symbeline No it wouldn’t, you still have something of mine you havent given back :P

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@queenie…but they’re all soft, and cuddly. :D

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I dont know or care. I am not keeping score or doing things for that reason.

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I’m like @everephebe , I’ve been wondering if karma’s ever going to show up in time for me to enjoy it.

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