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When I save a file (overwrite the old one) can I still find the old one?

Asked by rebbel (28366points) June 9th, 2011

Let’s say I have a word file that is called: Office Appointments and in it is the text Tuesday, 12 AM, Lucy.
Then I save a file under the same name Office Appointments which hold the text Tuesday, 12 AM, Betty, McDonald.
Can I still find Lucy’s?
And if yes, how?

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As an ordinary user, I’ve done this and my experience is that once you save the file, all the old stuff is gone. Unless you have not closed it and can still Undo some of the changes you made to get back to the point you want it to be.

Someone else might have a technical hack but I remember googling this and getting no joy, sorry.

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Thanks for your input @Stinley!
Let’s wait for the tech hackers then :-)

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You may be able to possibly find the old file in doing a system restore.

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Not going to help you now, but there are some options you can take to make sure you can do this in the future:
1. Use Google Docs instead of Word. All of your docs (and revisions) are available anywhere.
2. Link up the folder(s) you store your Word docs to Dropbox. You’ll get auto-revision functionality.

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It may still be on your hard drive, but the average user cannot find it.

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@rebbel yep, i’m trying to keep your hopes low…

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Recuva is a good program for recovering deleted files. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes not.

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