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What do you not see in the media and on TV cultural wise today you would have 2 decades ago?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) June 9th, 2011

When I look at old TV shows, movies, and films I see a lot of things that was common then that you don’t see now. Some of the stuff was because the technology changed, that is a given, but a lot has to do with straight culture. One of the things I noticed was that people were quick to whip out a cigarette and offer one to the other person because smoking was so sociable back then. Another was that married couples (you would never see any couple not married knocking the boots or boinking like bunnies), always had twin beads. If you happen to be old enough or you are a buff of old films and movies what cultural type differences you see in the old movies that is no longer around today?

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I was watching a re-run of On the Buses, a UK TV show from the 70s. The sexism in it is appalling. Stereotyping is an obvious one and I think a lot of the ones I can remember also had reverse stereotyping, which to my mind only served to emphasis the original stereotype anyway.

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Your time frame may be a bit off. 2 decades ago was the 90’s. The smoking/twin bed thing was 50’s.

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Men and women advertising underwear, especially Victoria Secret.

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@filmfann Sorry, I meant two decades and beyond back to the golden age when homes 1st got TV and no, I was not here then

@john65pennington Yes, I remember you would never see a live woman in a bra, it was always a mannequin. Plus no matter what bathroom scene there was you never saw a toilet or urinal.

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—There weren’t ads with positive and very out homosexual themes.
—Smoking in hospitals.
—Men doing household “woman” chores (laundry, dishes, cooking in the kitchen, taking care of baby, etc).
—Sadly, we didn’t have this guy (thank goodness for modern times).
—Cigarette/Cigar ads (not in Canada any ways).

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If you go back 30+ years, you have All in the Family which would have never made it on the Air if it tried today. Even though Archie Bunker was supposed to be a bad example of a human being, I don’t think network people would even try it. The show would get tons of flack and more than half of Archie’s dialog would be bleeped out.

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@keobooks You bet that right, in the course of 2min and some odd seconds Archie used the gay ‘F’ word 3 times, insulted Japanese, Mexiacan, and Polish-Americans, I bet if the clip had been longer Blacks would have been in there too. And All in The Family was a highly watched show…...ummmmmm…..

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@Hypocrisy_Central you did realize that Michael (Meathead) was being sarcastic when he “insulted” the Japanese and the Mexicans, right? He was actually insulting Archie, who was too racist and stupid to see what Michael was getting at.. And yes, Archie was being offensive talking about gay people. But the entire point of Archie’s offensiveness was to make fun of bigots and make Archie look like an ass. I think it’s sad that people just don’t seem to get it anymore.

It seems that you’re allowed to be Archie Bunker if you are on talk radio or right wing news infotainment. Tell me that this doesn’t sound like Glen Beck with a Queens accent.

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@keobooks Yes, I realized Michael was sarcastically dealing back to Archie the bigotry he dishes out. Hell, I practically wrote the book on sarcasm and I serve that dish very dry. Michael, in my mind, was just echoing Archie, which he did on occasion. But as real as it was an as real as Archie was, there are people just like him, people today do not have the stomach for a show like that; even if it show him to be an ass and a buffoon. I am not even sure if the Bundys would survive long in today’s TV climate.

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