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Do you turn off your air conditioner in your home during the summer if you are going to be gone for a few days?

Asked by chyna (46154points) June 9th, 2011

Or do you leave it on, but leave it on high so it doesn’t kick on very often?

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My house is like an oven too….just ask @Vunessuh. XD

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We only turn ours on when we need it. It isn’t on all the time or on a timer.

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Are we talking about a window air conditioner or central air? Either way, huh?

I live in Massachusetts, so air conditioning is not necessary. We have made a conscious decision to not use it because of the environmental impact and the fact that we have kids.

I really hope there aren’t people out there on vacation leaving some form of air conditioner on. Wow.

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It’s been in the high 90’s. The furnace guy told me that if you turn it off, it has to run longer to get the house back up to a comfortable temperature when you return. He said it’s more energy efficient to turn it down, but not turn it off. Which makes sense. The electric bill dropped significantly when I added AC on the third floor. The main unit doesn’t have to work as hard.

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I turn everything off when I’m away. Fires can start really easily. Also it’s a waste. Just turn it up full when you get home. Close your curtains to help keep heat out.

I would keep heating on low in winter, just to save getting burst pipes, not to prepare the place for my eventual arrival home

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I am in a new house that so far seems to stay quite comfortable even on the sizzlers we have had so far. Lots of trees provide cool shade so I would shut down the AC when I take off for a few days.

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We don’t have central air, just window units. We would certainly turn them off if we weren’t going to be home for a while.

There are two units that cool the main part of the house—living room, kitchen, dining room. There’s a small AC in our bedroom. Usually we keep the main part of the house cool during the day and don’t turn on the bedroom AC until evening. By the time we go to bed, our room is cool. We turn off the other AC units, turn down the one in our room just so we can sleep comfortably, but then turn it off when we wake up.

I would love to have central air!

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@BarnacleBill That was my thought, that the unit would have to work twice as hard once the house got extremely hot, so it would be more efficient to run while gone.

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If no one is going to be in the house, we try to turn off all the appliances except the refrigerator. With several people living here on different schedules, our house is hardly ever empty for more than a few hours at a time.

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For the cats I keep it on set at 75 so they don’t overheat but also on energy saver with all the blinds closed so to keep the heat out. If I didn’t have pets I would shut it off.

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I only run it when it is terribly hot and humid out. So I shut it off and deal with the few hours of heat when I get home.
I do the same in the winter when it is cold. Kick it way back to not freeze the pipes.
I however do not live south of the Mason Dixon line.

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We turn it off.

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We’re going away for a week in August, and the only reason I’d leave it on is for the cats. I’m not sure if we will or not..depends on how the weather is. Plus we will have someone come and check on them daily and they can turn it on if need be.
Otherwise, no I’d turn it off.

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My mom went away one summer only for a week and had a big tropical fish tank they had for many years, didn’t think to leave the air on and it got real hot that week and they came home to cooked fish (what a smell)

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