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What do you think the best way would be to begin learning the music production industry, and also be able to possibly attend night classes for a graduate degree?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) April 26th, 2008

I have a business background, and could offer some very unique and experienced expertise to any marketing aspects of a music company…and I can play music, as well. I want to get into the industry and give it my all, and I have another interest to get a graduate degree at the same time. Any programs you can think of? Suggestions for locations?

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I think you should try finding someone who is already in the business…. Learn from different people. Ask them what they do and how they got there. Where do you find them? Music stores, guitar stores, music equipment locations- or just talk to your friends about it.
when I was interested in video editing and video production- I went and talked to the people involved in the business. I learned about it and applied for an internship. You work for free, but its worth the exerience…. Besides- it will give you an idea if its something you may want to invest more time on in school.
Now- I don’t know that this may be the best solution- but when you ask sucsseful people how they became that way- they are most likely going to be more than happy to share their knowledge, and tell you where they went to school, what peaked their intrests, etc.
its worth a try! Good luck!

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oh yeah- and by the way- it wasent for me. I’m in school for dental assisting! Haha- but video editing is now a creative outlet for me, and. I still love it!

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