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Whats the most embarrassing family moment you ever had?

Asked by Pandora (28280points) June 9th, 2011

I was just reading a post about farts when I remembered my most embarrassing family momment.
Thought it would be fun to share and wondered if any of you would like to join in.

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The most embarrassing moment for me was when I was 14 and I was going to the zoo for the first time with my adoptive family.

My father went to the gift shop and came out with a ridiculous elephant hat. He proceeded to walk around the entire zoo with it on and acted like he was mentally challenged. It was funny, looking back on it; but at the time I was completely embarrassed.

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Most, I’m not sure. But the one last night where my mom called me last night, terrified that she had downloaded a virus on her computer in her attempt to get a good look at the X-rated new photo of Anthony Weiner’s penis is definitely up there.

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Oh gawd…..At the dinner table with a bunch of family members. I was sitting at the end facing everyone. I took a big swig of juice and when I swallowed, it went down the wrong tube and I coughed it all back up over the table and people’s food. Gimme a break, though, I was like 8, and there was a lot more food in the kitchen.

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Well I figured I would share. My son had really bad colic for the first 3 months of his life. He was only 2 months when an insurance agent came by to sell us insurance for him. Being colic and only sucking down formula made his gas really loud and smelly. My husband had just had him in his arms when he started to get fussy. I asked to hold him but my husband said, no I got him. But I insisted because I knew he was going to start wailing soon because he was probably gassy. Most of the time his farts were little and mostly he would burp, but at that moment while I had him on my lap, he let out a fart so loud you would think a 6ft man let it go. Needless to say it was really stinky as well. I just looked at this stranger and didn’t know what to say. I felt if I told him the truth, he would just think I lied and was blaming the baby. I turned really red and my husband laughed his ass off because he knew what I was thinking and he knew it was our son. He was so happy I insisted on having him on my lap. The rest of the time it was so awkward. Especially with smell that followed.

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There have been a few good ones, but one moment that strikes me as particularly embarrassing was when I was 13 and I was changing in my room and my sister straight up walked in on me naked and saw everything and her reaction in an embarrassing situation like that is to start laughing, so that just made it more awkward…I covered up immediately and she left immediately but it made things awkward between us for a few days after… :\

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When my wraparound skirt untied and fell around my ankles in junior high. I thought I would die of shame.

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During a family visit at my grandmother’s house, my girlfriend let slip in a very nasty tone of voice “get those brats away from me” when a few of my little cousins were being overly boisterous. We were all watching a movie, and it just sort of slipped out…we all sat there in silence for at least another hour or more til the movie ended…at which time my father took me for a little drive (I was 16 or so) to explain why it wasn’t cool for her to say that…gee thanks dad, I had no clue…

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When my daughter was about 6 and had lost one of her baby teeth.We were at the dentist and he asked her about losing the tooth and she said that her daddy had hit her in the mouth!

OMG! I was mortified, from the mouths of babes.

I had to ‘explain’ that her dad had accidentally bumped her at the table and the tooth came out. haha

One of those awful moments!

Of course, she then told the same story to her grand parents, for effect! lol

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I would have been about 7 or 8 when it happened. We had invited several of my aunts and uncles over for a family meal when I choked on a fish bone. I began coughing and one of my aunts jumped up, ran over to me, lifted me out of my chair, turned me upside down and holding me by the heels in full view of the company, began to thump my back. It cleared the fish bone but given a choice I think I would have preferred death.

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My daughter was at nursery and they had a visit from the police. the policeman did a little speech about crime and such and then asked if anyone had a question. My little darling, who was usually as quiet as a mouse, blurted out ‘My daddy committed a crime. he went through a red light’. The nursery staff thought this was hilarious and told my husband when he came to pick her up. All he could think to say was ‘I didn’t, it wasn’t a red light. I never went through a red light.’ like he was 4 years old as well lol.

A couple of years I went shopping for a dress for a wedding. I tried two on and decided on one and bought it. I then went and had a coffee and was rethinking the decision out loud to my daughter who was 8 years old then, saying that I thought it was too much money to spend. I decided to exchange it for the cheaper one. I was just explaining to the assistant that I thought the other dress was a better fit or some other nonsense when my darling girl skipped past saying very clearly, ‘she doesn’t want it any more, she hasn’t got enough money’. Transaction completed in record time….

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My nephew years ago was in the bank with his mom, he was about 4 and they had recently had a little talk about the make/female anatomy.

In line at the bank, Andrew began talking loudly about some of the customers ” SHE has a VAGINA and HE has a PENIS!”
My sister-in-law was beyond humiliated!
He got a real kick out of counting vaginas and penises wherever he went for awhile. lololol

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@Coloma I’m sure it could’ve been worse. He could’ve gotten some of them wrong. LOL

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Yes, that’s a whole other ‘talk’. lol

” And, SOME people decide to trade their penis for a vagina”

” WHY mommy?” haha

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Oh so many. However, this one comes to mind. I sleep naked and was in bed with my little girl (aged about 2–3). Someone came to the front door so I got out of bed, grabbed some clothes and walked to the front door and started to get dressed, at which point my daughter, helpful little soul, opened the front door wide and I stood there half naked looking in horror at the stranger on the door step.

On a similar vein, my ex husband was in the shower. A lady came to the door selling kids books so I let her in. She was a tall and beautiful Swedish student making some money on a working holiday. So, we were talking in the kitchen and looking at books, when my naked husband opens the bathroom door and comes rushing out to naked because there wasn’t a towel in the bathroom. He had no idea anyone else was in the house. So they stood there staring at each other .. mouths open in shock and I fell about laughing. She was cool about it and I did recover enough to throw him a tea towel.

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My most embarrassing moment happened when I was 12. My older sister had just started dating an older guy and he was over for dinner. He had been for dinner a few times. This time he was sitting next to me. He looked over at me as I cut up my meat and loudly exclaimed, “You don’t know how to use a knife?” No one had shown me how to hold a fork and knife so I improvised. It was one of those moments where I just wanted to disappear into my chair. I’ve not ever held a knife and fork the “wrong” way since then.

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@Bellatrix a lot of nekkedness in your house! bravo!

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For me, it was having to go to court with my wife to face bogus Child Abuse accusations.

At least I never got caught humping the cube.

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My best friend and I thought vagina was magina. During a get together of my parents and their friends, we had asked where a frog’s magina was located and were humiliated beyond belief when my mother scoffed at us, made the correction and then broke out laughing.

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My mother and I went shopping with my little brother, who at the time was about 4. We were standing in line at Walmart when he turns around, looks at a lady behind us, and loudly asks my mother, “Mommy, why is that woman so black?” My mom and I looked at each other in horror and tried to act like we didn’t hear anything. Oops! We grew up in a predominantly white town. He hadn’t been exposed to many different ethnicities at the young age of 4. How embarrassing!

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It’s always embarrassing and I feel really ashamed the the six or seven times I have had to call my parents and tell them I am in jail and will have to stay for a while or ask if they can bail me out.

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