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How much does it cost yearly to raise a teen-ager these days?

Asked by marialisa (464points) June 9th, 2011

What are the statistics on the cost of raising a teen ager in America?
If someone knows of a website that shows a breakdown of costs that would be great!

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I would say it cost the same as it ever costed before, or will cost.

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I am keeping track so I can send an invoice to my daughter after she is done with college.
I will let you know in about 10 years.

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I shouldnt have chosen the social section, right?

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You can flag it and ask them to move it to general.

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oh no @marialisa there is no exact answer to this. It depends so much on your teen and on you. Do you insist that gaming consoles and trendy clothes come out of his/her own earnings from a job? From an allowance that you give? Do you include cases of Mtn Dew and Chee-tohs in your budget? Do you allow for the social aspect of having all of his/her friends eating at your house?

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Ours will easily eat $100. a week in food.
Braces are $600. a month, two visits worth.
Health Insurance $250. a month, pretty much count on some emergency room visit at least 3 times a year.
Clothes shopping every 3–4 months at $500. a trip. Kids constantly grow out of shoes and bottoms. Girls’ bras aren’t inexpensive.
Extra curriculars like cheer, drill team, other sports. $$$.
Most kids now have either a PC or laptop computer at about $350. on up plus the internet service which is $50—$100. a month.
If you let your kids have an online interactive gaming box then count on another $75.+ subscription each year in addition to physical disc games.
1 yearly summer trip or school sponsored excursion, about $500.+
Gifts for birthdays and other holidays at about $100. each time.
Each weekend count on being expected to fund some kind of entertainment at $20. a pop.
School supplies aren’t inexpensive either, kids get shopping lists from their teachers.

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It depends on what you provide for them. Private school? Car? Computer? Travel? Cell phone? Car insurance? Tutors? Clothing? Medical expenses? Extra curriculars?

Mine worked to pay for their own clothing, gas and entertainment money. $7 an hour for a 20 hour a week job doesn’t buy you much after taxes. I think they brought home $100 a week, and spent $50 on gas, driving their friends around.

I bought used cars on eBay, which they still drive. $2000.
Computer —MacBook $1000
Cell phone is on family plan, $30 to add additional phone
Travel with school $1200 a year
Tutors $3000 a year
Counseling $2000 a year
Insurance $1200 a year each
Activities fees—theater, field hockey, debate, rowing $800 a year
Private school tuition (one child) $7500 a year, the other chose public school for high school, but I am paying for college. The one that went to private school got a totally free ride plus living expenses for college.
Private school uniforms $100 a year—she wore the same clothing all 3 years.
Other clothing, prom dresses $600 a year each.

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This article in wikipedia gives a good idea, based on family income. In our family, our income stretches a lot farther than the chart indicates.

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A lot of money and all of your patience.

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@YARNLADY What is your secret? I have one child left under 21 and he costs me every dime.

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Indeed it depends on the kid and the area you live in.
[ not to mention how much you desire to spend outside the necessities ]

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I am very frugal, and I have taught my children and grandchildren to be the same. We re-use, do without, or buy used or on sale only.

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The same as it cost in the deleted question.

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