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Why can't you see 'response moderated or response unhelpful' posts?

Asked by AshlynM (10190points) June 9th, 2011

I assume these are posts the moderators of Fluther have edited.

Are they offensive or the moderators just don’t want people seeing what the poster wrote?

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[Mod says] Moved to Meta!

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When you see that, it means that the response didn’t follow the Fluther guidelines

The various reasons given with the message, I guess means why the message was moderated. Personal attack, unhelpful, writing standards…I do get confused when it just says ’‘response moderated’’, since it doesn’t have a bit of a hint with it as some others do. But nah, it isn’t because some mod just decided, hey this post sucks!

If that was the case, I wouldn’t have been allowed to even register to begin with. XD

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One reason things might be modded is that they don’t fit Fluther’s writing standards. If they don’t fit the standards for being on the site, there really isn’t a good reason to leave them visible – it would defeat the purpose.

Another reason a response might be modded is if a flame war erupts, or personal insults and attacks have been hurled. Again, those don’t need to be seen – that’s why they get modded away.

Without moderation, we’d look a lot more like Yahoo! Answers. And who wants that? ;)

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There’s no need to see what the poster wrote because it was not up to standards, thus it was removed. The post can be read until the mod removes it; so if you watch carefully or remember what was posted before it was removed will give you a better understanding of how moderation works.

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@laureth Without moderation, we’d look a lot more like Yahoo! Answers. And who wants that? ;)

Satanists. Those bastards.

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I miss the days when it showed the name of the poster who had been moderated. It’s harder to know who’s naughty these days :/

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