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Who can accept and store packages for me (in NYC) while Im out of town?

Asked by marikastar (11points) April 26th, 2008

My fiancee and I are going to be out of town for a few months leading up to our wedding. We are registered with a couple stores and know people will start sending us stuff, but don’t know where to have it sent! A sublettor will be staying in our apartment in Brooklyn and we cant ask him/her to be around to deal with deliveries. Anyone else ever been in this situation?

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Have you checked with the stores, where you registered, if they can store it for you?

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Yeah, not all of them, but Crate and Barrel won’t.

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Many times you can talk to your local wrap-and-pack store—for a monthly fee they’ll store things for you, including (I would assume) packages. I did this in college for my things when I went out of town for the summer.

Plus, the wrap-and-pack stores need the money.

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Bodega! When I lived on 81st and York I had an agreement with the bodega that is next to my old building. I threw a moderate tip there way, and they were happy to hold on to packages for me.

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