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If you could go back in time and change things, what would you change about the past week?

Asked by AshLeigh (16264points) June 11th, 2011

As asked.

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I love this question. I like that it limits the answerer to a one week span. I’m looking forward to people’s answers.

Problem with me is, all my days are the same, I can’t think of anything to change in the past days that would really be worth it. I think on one day I’d skip work and sleep in, then change that so that it didn’t happen and still have a full week’s pay lol.

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I had a really good week (I even met up with some jellies!), but because I overdid it I was exhausted and in a lot of pain for much of it. In order to change that, I’d have to go back in time about 15 years and make it so I never got fibromyalgia in the first place. Barring that, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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What I would change about the past week…hmmm…not fighing with my fiance over jealousy issues. :( That would be a good one to change.

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The lotto number I picked.

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Prevent the death of Jermane Johnson Jr. What a tragic experience for all involved.

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I’d had picked up the dry cleaning yesterday instead of having to do tomorrow afternoon on my way into work.

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I would change the events that lead to a brief falling out with my boyfriend. The awkwardness only lasted about a day but it made me feel like absolute shit.

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I would probably change the food at my party.

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I would take Friday out of last week.

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I’d just make sure I make lists. I’d save a lot of wasted time and effort if I had just made lists.

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I would not have put my feelings out to be hurt YET AGAIN!

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Nothing at all; this week has been lovely.

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The fucking weather, loads of rain! I mean it is England Town in June, whaddya expect!

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The only thing about it I would change is to not have my cousin have had eye surgery before my visit to him which added worry to a wonderful visit. Otherwise, it was a 10 of a week.

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I would not have picked up that dead branch.

stupid ticks

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