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What would cause a dog...<puppy> to vomit clear liquid?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) June 11th, 2011

2 days ago my Sadie ate my SIL’s dogs food without permission of course, and in short order vomited it all back up. I think that event was mostly because she was not acclimated to adult doggy food. Fine since then but this AM she vomited small amounts of thick clear liquid. Should I be concerned??

She did not eat this am….seems lethargic but content and responsive…nose is cold and moist.

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Take her to the vet – lethargy in puppies is the primo sign that they are ill. I’ve raised 3 puppies in the past 3 years.

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A vet visit is certainly in order.
The continued sickness past the adult food incident may be the amount and type of food, but get it checked out.

Most good vet’s will provide advise over the phone if they have a history of seeing the dog.

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Is she still eating and drinking? I just wonder because your description sounds like there’s no food in the liquid. There is a difference in vomiting and regurgitation in dogs. When they vomit, it takes a lot of muscle effort and hacking. Sometimes, like when Sadie expelled the adult doggie food, she just regurgitated it before it started digesting. It most likely messed with her system and she’s still feeling the effects.

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It may be nothing, or may be something.
If her symptoms have persisted for more than 48 hours, she needs to see the doggy doc.

Has she been vaccinated for Parvo?

I just lost my 15 month old kitty to the cat Corona virus that causes FIP. :-(

The vac. for cats is controversial, maybe even useless. I have learned about an awful disease hands on. Not fun at all. :-(

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@bkcunningham She ate very well last night and did not have a bowel movement first thing this AM like she normally has. She eventually passed a robust bowel movement and has been fine since! I did notice she has been snacking on an indoor plant and I do know that is very not good! Gonna have to check this plant to see if it is in the not good for doggy category!

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@Cruiser Dogs usually eat grass when they have upset stomachs; however; their stomachs cannot digest the grass/plants and so she will probably throw up again. I would say don’t wait and chance it especially since the weekend is coming up and people are typically busy/vets are closed—I would run her in. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with your little girl!

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