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University of You: you get to pick the classes and subjects - what would they be?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 11th, 2011

As many or as few as you’d like – no minimum, no fees.

How long would each class be? How many students per class is ideal for you?

Bonus: who would teach it?

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All the classes would involve working with your hands, creating things.
30 students.The class won’t dismiss until they get the lesson….could last days….weeks…
I get to teach it. ;)

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I’d have language classes : Italian, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, Latin and Japanese.
I’d have painting classes and music classes.
I’d have ballroom dancing classes, foreign cuisine cooking classes, Biology classes, Psychology classes, Law classes and History classes.
Each would be 1–2 hours.
Who would teach it? Anyone qualified and who knows what their doing. I’d love to have @Kardamom as a cooking class teacher… @KatetheGreat, @DominicX and @bob_ could teach me languages and @Fiddle could teach history.

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All classes would have to invole music of some sort, working with your hands, and anything involving art. Also, each student would have to take a language course, but of thier choice. And it would be any language. So, like a performance/language arts school, but way cooler.
Also, the classes would be smaller, so the students get to know eachother alot easier. No more than 15 students per class.

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Understanding Woody Allen
Understanding Groucho Marx
Totally getting Hunter S. Thompson
Not Understanding Preston Sturges
Realizing that Sarah Palin is an idiot, while still wanting to bang her.
Bob Hope: Seperating Humor from Politics
50’s and 60’s Nostalgia and Kitch

Finals would be given the first day. You then can stay in class as long as you want to try and figure out why so many answers were wrong.
Courses would be given online, with an Open Google test at the end of each course.

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I’d teach an Enneagram class to foster better understanding between how people show up in the different spectrums of their particular tempraments and communication, world orientation styles.

Then, nature/wildlife appreciation, meditation, poetry and how to bake happy brownies. :-)

I’d be a great teacher, lively, enthusiastic, humorous.

The waiting list for my classes would be very long. hahaha

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It would go slow and steady. Instead of cramming to teach material in time for the tests, the classes would move along at a pace even to my learning speed, so that learning the material would come naturally. Concepts would be explained in great detail.
Class topics would include various hard sciences, engineering, a ton of math, and various art classes. I’d love to learn metalworking, lampwork glass making, dichroic glass making… what a dream this school would be. :)

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French oral with Madame Fifi, I prefer one on ones ;¬}

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I’d like some mash-up of @Mariah‘s institute, TED and Aristotle’s Lycium.

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That’d be dreamy.
Greek Mythology
English Literature
Art History
Languages – French, Latin, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Irish, Afrikaans, Italian, etc, etc.
Dance – Everything from Ballet to Hip-hop
Media Studies
Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Pottery, etc.
Self-development groups

My classes would focus on building awareness, both critically and personally speaking. They would last for an hour, 2 hours max, with a short break in between.
They would be taught by passionate lecturers who continue to excel in their field of expertise. The ultimate goal would be for each student to tap into their own passion for learning and enjoy the process.

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So, so many.

I would take history classes, photography, languages, art (drawing, painting, sculpture), linguistics, psychology, forensics… the list is endless.

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Classes on breastfeeding, for all mothers.
Also tree climbing and tree house building.
We would also study “feeling” old buildings and structures, learning to pay attention to what a room, home, or other sort of place has to say to you.
The classes would be taught by me and anyone else who knows what I’m talking about, that might care to teach.

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Film Making
Home brewing
Fender Stratocaster 101
Harmonica for Beginners
Backyard Grilling
Star Gazing
and Holding your breath underwater.

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4–5 hours per day to study and 2–3 hours for outdoor activities.

Any classes that involve respecting / tolerating and aiding others.

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I’m signing up today for @Cruiser ‘s Harmonica for beginners, Yoga, Meditation, and Star Gazing.

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@Cruiser, if you like blues style harmonica, there are some terrific harmonica lessons by Adam Gussow
He is not only a highly skilled blues harp player but he’s a professor at University of Mississippi so he knows how to put a lesson together and deliver it.
He’s on the faculty of my university!
You will no longer wonder what to do with two harmonicas if you can’t play one.

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Muchos Gracias @dabbler Best bounce back reply on here I have ever had!! :)

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@Cruiser It’s a pleasure to share Mr Gussow’s classes.

I like the rest of your curriculum too. I think I will apply for grad school at your institution.

Maybe we could entice @incendiary_dan to teach some classes about sustainable farming.

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@dabbler Those are just the required courses….wait till you see the elective classes! XD

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