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How to remove facial skin scars?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) June 11th, 2011

My skin used to be very oily and I used to have pimples earlier. I took medications for about 6 months. So the pimples are gone now. But there are many scars left on my face,some even like tiny little pits.
What can I do remove such scars?
I don’t know if medicines have turned my skin non-oily or not, but I don’t have pimples anymore.
Is coconut oil good for removing scars? If yes, how to apply it?

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I don’t know about removing the scars, but different oils can lighten scarring to make it nearly invisible. Shea butter, if I remember correctly, works well, as well as coco butter.

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Time may help, also, using a daily toner containing glycolic acid could help. It burns at first, so do a test spot to make sure you’re not hyper sensitive. Mederma is a scar medication that may help too. Have you asked your dermatologist? They may be ale to prescribe something or give you some suggestions as well.

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The scars will fade with time but probably the only thing thats likely to get rid of the acne pits is to go to a cosmetic surgeon and have dermal filler injected into them.

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Bio oil is supposed to be very good for scars

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I would consult a dermatologist. I would think you would at least need dermabrasion or a chemical peel. I doubt that the application of any product would remove scarring.

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I tried bio oil for months. Made no difference.

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Shea butter works magnificently for removing the appearance of scars. Make sure to get it plain, or only in a body butter that has no petroleum or mineral oil, otherwise those 2 products make it impossible for much else to do their proper job.

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Chemical peels work good for pits and also the scarring, a lot of which will fade in time on it’s own or be faded by retin A/peel cremes.

As for Shea butter and other over the counter stuffs, I’ve tried everything probably at least once in 40 years and nothing except prescription cremes has worked for fading scars. Sunscreen is essential so the scarred skin doesn’t burn or color deeper than the surrounding skin.

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I’ve done Mederma for scars and it has helped on my skin and on my son’s…for my face, I do peels (both glycolic acid & salicylic acid) at home.

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@SpatzieLover The ingredient in Mederma that helps with scars is the petroleum jelly, which you can buy as a giant tub for about 3 bucks.

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@MyNewtBoobs No, the ingredient that helps is onion extract. And while you could rub an onion on your face, one it would stink and two, the extracts are more potent than the effects from one onion.

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@SpatzieLover One 2006 clinical trial found no statistically significant change in hypertrophic scar appearance from products of this type compared to the standard petrolatum emollient, while a 1999 pilot trial found an onion extract gel less effective than the petrolatum. In 2010 a 54-person trial funded by Merz (the company that makes it) found that an onion extract cream improved the appearance of stretch marks. (Source)

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@SpatzieLover That study only had Mederma vs no Mederma – not Mederma compared to plain petroleum jelly. Of course Mederma is better than nothing, the question is if it’s better than a vastly cheaper product. Another couple of studies saying it’s not better.

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