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Where can I find a photograph of King Edward VIII (possibly while he was still Prince of Wales) wearing a total mishmash of clothing -- stripes, polka dots, etc? He was looking exceptionally smug.

Asked by AlReynolds (4points) June 11th, 2011

He was seated and looking at the camera. His expression seemed to say “Only I could wear these clothes and get away with it.”

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In this photo, he is wearing striped socks with a checked suit.

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I’ll bet you’re thinking of this

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Thank you, @AlReynolds for giving me the opportunity to see this.

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I’m impressed, @thorninmud, that you came up with that.

I’d call that expression anything but smug, though. He looks apologetic, if not downright sheepish. If that picture (print upholstery and leopard-print accessories and all) had been taken as a joke, you’d think he’d be laughing, but instead he just looks like he’s been having a bad day in the day room of the Home for the Sartorially Impaired.

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@Jeruba I had seen this photo years ago, and it made an impression (as it did on @AlReynolds too, apparently), so I knew what I was looking for.

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@thorninmud, I wish I had seen it years ago myself. My late father used to dress like that, innocently and you could even say naively. He’d say, “But they both have brown in them.” Now I wonder if His Majesty was an inspiration to him. Dad was a citizen of the Dominion of Canada at the time that Edward VIII was crowned.

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