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Where can I get great quality car seat-covers at a good price!

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) June 11th, 2011

I want to by my grandpa seat covers for his new 2011 Toyota Corolla. I would need covers for the front seats and headrests, and the back bench-style seat.

I don’t want to pay $300 at Toyota, and I know there are some good aftermarket companies out there…. Can you recommend any? Online is fine!


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I’m following because I have been looking for some too. It’s hard to tell if the online sellers are really selling “Custom” covers or “One size fits most” type covers. My dogs are not real nice to my leather upholstery.

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I have used a company to custom make seat covers a couple of times. They currently are quoting $380 for front and back on my 4 door sedan. They have consistently been cheaper than other companies making seat covers.
Quilted with Hawaiian prints.

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@Tropical_Willie would you mind sharing the name if they have a website I can visit?

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I bought some real nice ones on Amazon a few years back. Very good prices and the covers were nicer than expected.

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